The Androgynous Strain

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Phaeleh “Journey”

The universe spoke and I listened
With moon in full glow, while the stars above glistened
Sparkled like diamonds, in time with the beat of my deepest soul’s seed, currently in the throes of unknowing retreat
Had been in perpetual intermission
The audience grew restless as the best laid of plans had been misplaced by stage hands in greatest of haste
And, for all of my infinite wisdom, I knew not how to make entrance grand

Silence it deafened me, beckoned through hush
As I gushed muted praise for the end of my days
Rejoiced in a voice clearly stolen away
Through no choice of my own, I must say

Had come here to put on a performance
Yet, appeared to lack the necessary tools to perform
Robbed of identity, bereft of a platform to shine
I reclined into shadows for one final time
As far an encore goes, this was equivocal to no-show
Howbeit, the show must go on
If only to prove critics wrong

Their glowing reviews disinterested me
Besides, they had shown no mercy previously
Pretentious they said
One long senseless hot mess
And I have to confess, they were onto something there
Nothing left to declare but all out war
A dash cavalier with not the faintest of ideas what you are fighting for
All was about to become clear

The universe spoke and I listened
With moon in full glow, the amulet glistened
Hadn’t planned for a rendezvous or dressed for the occasion
But remained ever open to the delicate art of persuasion
No jury to sway as I had made my own way
Taken great pains to abstain from being led
That being said, while the passageway ahead of me was evidently one arch angels fear tread
Had no need for Godspeed and proceeded not with caution and feet exceeding fleeting curiosity

The amulet illuminated pathway veering left
The gloom then lifted, balanced shifted and precedent was set
‘Twas evident to me that I was destined for this course
Somewhat less than equipped but now stripped of remorse
Bare to the bones like a babe in the wood
I was dressed for not a thing less than success

Had come here to put on a performance after all
Having answered nature’s call and taken many grazing falls
The hazing had now drawn to a close
Nowise was I exposed
As far as encore goes, this was no doubt the very greatest show on earth

Beyond words
Beyond worlds
Beyond boy
Beyond girl
Beyond anything I’d dared to entertain

Nothing perverse
An androgynous state
Twin divinities fused into one single immortal
Transcendental of gender and descendant of moon
With amulet acting as mystical portal, the universe spoke and not nearly too soon
Achieving the ultimate form, I knew now very much what to do
Thus, I strode centre stage with the mystique of mage and to the power of two
The auditorium fell silent, momentarily at least
While I recited verse, concurring that once claimed in philosophy of ancient Greece

The crowd they were now on their feet
Upstanding in ovation
This grand innovation no longer listless and incomplete
With moon in full glow and curtain fall imminent
The amulet glistened
Universe offered its knowing review
Only this time…
I listened

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Very darkly erotic and I so love it. I’m very turned on and disturbed at the same time!!! It’s perfect. Lol Keeper, your mind is magnificent, please feed me more. Waiting with bated breathe!! <3

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