To the Infinite – Damned

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Anita Kelsey “Sway”

I kiss thine lips slowly
Chase a deliberate embrace


To the heart inside its strong box

O, how it doth palpitate
Beneath this rusted ingot plate

No organ
Better placed

To state its faithful aim
Remain unlocked

Once sojourned in vacant lot
In foul assassination plot

Taken not for all twas worth
This heart of mine
Hath been conserved

Not reticent
Mine arteries doth jettison

The truth within self-evident
Versed upon by precedent

I stand before thee

Hath ne’er before more
Heaven sent
Mine blood deep red

A seraph graced

Joined hands
Unfettered gaze

Thro checkered haze
I lost mine way

Mine weathered face
Did’st blanch away

Sequestered not
As pain did’st play

Endeavored not
To animate

Suffer’d in ways
No ruler should be racked with

Perpetually this agonizing
Fate had’st reenacted

With’st final words
All but extracted

Persephones verse
Mine faith exacted

Hades had’st arisen
Mine legion of sins had’st been

Where one claims that which
Two hath given

Fierce floods of faith can’st
Break the prison

Mine love unending

Had’st soundly flanked
Mine black hearts sentry

One last drink of death
Thine gift

One final breath
Entwined in kiss
Of eyes and lips

Hath ne’er known such
Abiding peace

Mine altar had’st learned
Its presiding priest

Dividing each
To multiply

The fighting ceased
I cared to die

Would’st do so with
Devils contentment

To occupy
Mine vital piece

No line betwixt
Same entity

Committal not
To tendency

Far more than mere

Our vessel sails
An endless sea

The clouds doth burst

We assume the ascendency

Within thine eye
Black eagle soars

Technique affords

Its plumage flecked
In greyish ash

Doth open wide
Outvying span

Beneath thine
Flawless toes
The spring doth flavor

Beneath thine reign
The parched earth
Ne’er shalt waver

For thine is the glory
Mine infinite savior

The underworld
Adores thee

Mine minions implore
To bleed

Thine name betwixt the
Crack’d fire clay

In purgatory
Doth worship
Thine name

Mine soul arcane
Doth nowise
Clandestine proceed

From the whimper of

To ferocity of
Wolf-pack freed

I take thine hand
Doth bow to thee

Hath made
Unspoken vow to thee

To rule once more
This kingdom fair

With regal flair
Beyond compeer

Mine Bride of Spring

Our second term
Shalt be most grand

Our testimony
Shalt cohort the damned

To the
One true faith

The Infinite –

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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