Sirens Encore




No greater agony
Than encore laced with Shakespearean tragedy
No more ill-fitting an end
Than final curtain preceding calamity
A banquet of abject insanity
To arrive at the feast unaware of the flames at your feet
While affectation pulls you a seat
This waltz bearing soiled fruit of deceit


No more spoiled a harvest
Than the one afforded perish due to reason disingenuous
Tempestuous seed of consensual breed
For thus the bitter cull hath self-decreed
Lead a horse to water and it may quench from the stream
Bleed pigs at the altar and the stench will be obscene
Leisure ever tenuous as pain slow drains the pleasure
No better versed that never lasts forever


Coldest hearts in silence dance
Whisper little compelling
In deep and dingy recesses of odorous dwelling
If never is forever in the telling
Then immortality is little more than happenstance
The works of tireless circumstance
As coldest hearts in silence dance


Akin to a traveling salesman trading worn narrative
Undressed for deception and ever preparative
Eyes uninhabited, opaque and jacketed
Mirror long since cracked through the groan of own reflection
Pitiful and frozen, committed to a fate pre-chosen
This corrosion owing to a dearth of forward motion


Swimming in circles ever decreasing
Resting on a sorrow which abounds without once ceasing
They say that miracles are never seizing
Howbeit, for thee they grow ever more fleeting
Breathing periodic under strain of each false promise
Poison ivy kisses, branches twisting, in thine ever leafless forest


Honesty is a concept you could never understand
For every move you make is calculated underhand
Yet still you act hard done by every time things don’t go quite as planned
Got no right to do so as a crooked love can never hope to stand
And should you foolishly believe this bruised ego addressing
Believe you have received my blessing under any less than great duress
Then please allow me to stress

That you really are misguided, must be thinking of the other me
The one I discarded the instant I made one solemn vow
To focus every last dash of my passion and power on assistance of a critical recovery


I seldom spare a single thought for yours truly, you see
Guess that is simply the Virgo in me
Evermore protective of the one my soul doth cherish
There’s a light within this one which can and will not be afforded to perish
Should you fruitlessly persist with serenading fade to black
Then make no mistake wayward child of sun and moon, the universe will no longer guide a path for you


Have at you, whatever be thine will
It shalt be done
No value in this triumph
As the sirens song has long been sung
The ocean died some time ago
And blackest tears it shed
This symphony unfinished less the final drop be bled
The time hath come to rest mine head
Amongst Autumnal leaves
Within this moment, know that I recline in tide serene
For nowise doth I wear thine curse
Thine long bleak hearse a limousine of hollow verse long stalled in fallen shadow


Haunted eyes unfortunately never ever see
Fortune favors blindness not when taken literally
Consider this a victory, behead the king and hold aloft the bloodied stump triumphantly
Gorge thine self, enforce thy punishment remorseless, then of course force feed upon thine gluttony
No soul left in custody
Uttermost redundancy


Curse dressed up as blessing, cleft through evanescing enterprise
Haunted eyes of daunting prize, to court the gaze of pain immortal sullenly
And whence last curtain falls on this address
Discern ever distant footsteps as they fade upon exit stage left


No more fitting an encore
No more audience to long for
This is indeed premonition
Hills are rust-red and the rivers are crimson
Howbeit, need not make provisions
Stock up on munitions
For thine is no more choice than own decision
There can be no swift release from thine endless deep-sea prison





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill





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