Sin City Sleepover

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The Flowerpot Men “Beat City”

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.
That’s the general order, less we stall and hit delete
Not one of a small elite, aware I’m not unique
We all possess capacity for hopes and dreams, without which options very soon deplete
Little reprieve for conceding defeat
Best then not attempting bucking trend of perpetual repeat
Agree to disagree and we agree to nothing less than all or nothing
Trusting the unknown, when it has been well-known for bluffing
Something’s got to give before the cost of living grows too steep
Tough bucking up when you’re so down on luck that most blessed relief is to sleep on the street
Wake up calls like these appear to be necessity
If we’re ever to proceed to break routine

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.
Is it just me or is today suspiciously like the last three
If you’d asked me forty years ago to follow aimless flocks of sheep
Then I would’ve danced with wolves and snatched some meat before the all-important headcount
Now I’m stuck in a queue reluctant to move less it be checkout
Better get the cheque book out and write myself reminder
That guts make handsome garters when they’re spread out
Read out my rights but the timing was wrong
Nobody saw me, you see
Not that I’m whoring a war of attrition as I never granted advancement permission to wake up and take up position to ever be seen

Could it have been that I hosted a ghost in machine
Plenty going on behind the screen and given option to go off to same degree
Profanities flying, sanity prying
Confiding of sustained decrease
One more strike and out, without devout to dig heels in the crease
Should fate indeed have been decreed, persuaded me to cease in ways discrete
Then I’d have vacated Las Vegas a stranger
Out-of-range and in clear danger
Parched throat like a Texas Ranger
Walking to the chimney
Wouldn’t be so rough but I’ve got fluid in my knee

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.
Fuck it, I’m trying my luck at Sin City
Couple of wins and I’ll earn myself windfall, from which I’ll look down sitting pretty
Cutting my losses could lead to nosebleeds
Thus, while the chips are clearly not stacked in my favour
Every road leads somewhere right?
In Vegas there’s no day or night
The Glitter Gulch promotes the sin
Win-win for misbehaviour right?
Not sitting pretty yet but sitting tight, at least to river blind
Inclined to scream all-in but stalling time until the price is right
Hauling ass to dodge the cooler
Play the table
Turn my hand
Royal flush
Or that’s the plan
Just need one queen, that’s nuts and bolts of team
That’s my ticket out of eating, drinking, sleeping only to repeat
Should red be dead, then it may seem the crack to bet on black
But crimson is the colour winding back just off the beaten track
All tears my body wept each time I leapt I kept as blessed memento
For times like these when do or die sure beats upon retreating
And besides, I’m not that keen to hitch a ride to Sacramento in this heat

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.
Suddenly, the future’s not so bleak
Got a thing for lean cuisine
Got another for double scotch too
Got myself alarm clock
Not got time to lose hitting up snooze
Far too much ado and nothing much as such to don’t do as there ain’t much that I won’t do for the truest of the blue
I’ll bet on red and each tear shed in born and bred vermillion
Denotes another strike upon the black heart of dominion
Darkness claims to reign when through the never
But not necessarily to those composing verily to art of shadow boxing two-tone clever
Light it is right
Thus, while shadows invite quite the hell night
Kisses steeped in virtue bare the dignity to tell right
Ever had that feeling deep in gut that something felt right?
Trust it just enough and you well might survive the twelfth night

No need for eating souls
Drink them in
Sleep on them and dream up ways to favour the repeat
Brave Sin City
Make a mint
Leave Las Vegas in an Aston Martin
Think dearly of departed
Then think clearly of what still imparts a beating heart to scrap parts in the junkyard
Love one goal and love it hard
Sometimes love comes back, you see
Search the soul out actively
And never turn your back on those who see with self-same majesty
Play the table
Turn your hand
Royal flush
Go make it grand

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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