Venus in Heels

Venus in Heels was an early attempt at androgynous prose from early 2018. As I so often write in first person, it can appear that I am always telling my own tale. I’m not. Indeed, I am more than comfortable creating from the viewpoint of both genders. This verse can be approached from either perspective, dependent on personal choice.

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Tears For Fears “Head Over Heels”

Place yourself in my shoes for a moment, if you will
Then ask yourself
Is this person actually for real
Certainly look like a regular cat
Vague frown lines aside, a rather happy one at that
Cat that got the cream would be a novel observation
But that would all depend on which direction you were facing
Bright lights are a given, one could even be forgiven for arriving at misgivings as to just how I am living
Chipper little daytripper with shoelaces undone
Mastered how to walk the walk, howbeit born to run
To the sun a daughter, to the moon an only son
To the holy altar, then to the hell and back and just for fun
To the darkness, antithesis
To the light, a martyr for the species
Nothing much outstretches my unimpaired reach
When addressing not through best prepared speech
Articulation comes easy to me
Just have to offer words a valid reason to be
Feasible flourish encouraged by courage, conviction and the nourishment of otherworldly diction
Factually speaking, I’m practically fiction
Catch me mid tweak, I’ll critique my addiction
Patch me in quick and I’m a stickler for nothing in particular
Easy going, known for showing out at stiff curriculum
Victim of prediction that the system will inflict some kind of sickness on the wisdom that is misread as affliction
All the classic symptoms of a massive contradiction
Caught between two minds and evidently out of one of them
Sometimes I’m Gilbert and others I’m Sullivan
Sanity slipping, trips and falls par for the course
All without a slither of remorse
Why should I apologize for solemn eyes they colonized
Knowing that this qualifies as volatile behaviour
Sodomized against my will, personified through urge to kill
Yet, nothing could be farther from the harbor of said thoughts
When the quill is simply mightier than sword
Know me well, you’ll know well I adore to spread goodwill
Live for real and breathe for real
Bleed for real and each drop spilled is filler for the fancy of those predisposed to necromancy
Sometimes Sid and others Nancy
Never one time diagnosed
Antsy only when thrombosed
And that is why I bleed so open-handedly
I’m the monster in the closet and the footsteps in your pantry
But more than that, it’s kindness I disclose
Composing love letters to the go-getters and jet-setters inclined to thinking better than the worst case scenario
Legs like Princess Peach atop the happy feet of Mario
Daring go where no man went before me
Taken inventory of the gory details detailed in the entrails of the story
“More than meets the eye” my cry as not one time had mine told lies
Truth appeared self-evident
Therefore I set the precedent for keeping faith afloat and leaping blind
Place yourself in my shoes, you will see I do not walk the line
At least, not one designed to see my chorus line resigned to backing vocals
Lacking confidence to hit the high notes and go postal with the blatherings of noble man and slather of the hopeful
Open book by all accounts, ever since I figured out that life amounts to nothing much when inside jobs are out to lunch
Pinch me and punch me on the first day of the month
Then love me for the rest as I confess I dig on hugging
Sometimes I am John McClane and others I’m McLovin
Sometimes I die hard and others live for soft caresses
One thing never any less than present and correct is the very best intention to enlighten through addresses
Empowering a showering of happy hour blessings
To those prepared to step into these shoes of mine
Snooze and you may lose the will to live the dream for which I set the scene
Prove the doubters wrong in throng and please come follow me

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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