Angel in My View

My dear mummy
It’s hard to believe that all 6″1 of me once fit snugly into your tummy
That your sleeve was the first thing I seeked every time that my nose got runny
That was over forty years ago and, you know, it’s kind of funny
It only feels like yesterday as time may well have passed but not a single thing has changed
You’re still my mummy
And unconditionally love me

So far beyond grateful for the gift you bestowed
When you first gave me life, kissed all ten of my fingers and toes
Held me close in your arms, safe from harm and adored
Made an oath to protect me forever and more
If I grazed my knee, you were there with a plaster
Before a single tear hit the ground, sometimes faster
Between you and my dear father, I never went short
Of the one thing I needed to set my life course
Love was all around me then, is all about me now
Indeed, the flawless love you shared with dad provided ideal grounds
To build a heart which knows no bounds
To know that love can be profound
If only we allow such

When I was lost, you gave me shelter
Not a question asked of me
Five years on, my heart is strong and verging on a masterpiece
Disaster may have flirted and you’ve had to see me at my worst
But you would not allow for me to overlook my unique worth
Indeed, these past few weeks with you have taken me right back
To my happy place, a childhood packed with memories and endless dreams of magic trees so faraway which now come flooding back

Your family is everything
Would give your all to see us smile
And all the while, you wear your own
Reminding us we’re not alone
That love is always close on hand
And we shall stand united
Tomorrow is another day and sorrow ain’t invited
Despite your own setbacks, you never lack a kindly word
Selfless is the word as I know all the girls concur
Beneath your wing, we’re safe and warm
Beneath your wing, we’re home sweet home
Will always have a place to go
When we are feeling the slightest bit low


I owe so much to you for a whole lifetime of devotion
For all my gushing prose, this ode is mere drop in the ocean
You are a personal hero of mine, the kind of positive role-model who stands the test of time
Stands out in any chorus line
For your glow lights the stage each and every time you shine

My dear mummy
The angel in my view
It fills me with infinite pride on this day
To sit by your side, hold your hand tight in mine
As I read you this verse
Give it the gentlest of squeezes as I proceed now to close with these words

I love you

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Absolutely beautiful dedication to a lady I’m proud to have had the honour to meet. To hug. She’s certainly a ray of sunshine and this piece perfectly sums up a mother’s love for her cherished son.

    1. Oh, Mouse. That is so precious. She was so glad to meet you and said very much the same about you. A ray of sunshine no doubt. And a soul full of magic just bursting to come out.

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