Thank You Sir, Thank You





Every once so often
Someone special comes along
A person who you feel like
You have known your whole life long
Taken by surprise by a connection just so strong
Said person makes you feel like you belong


Nothing need be forced
No constant need to check your course
For the friendship that has blossomed is steadfast at its source
Once I was as solemn as an undertaker’s horse
In bitterness that spoon-fed my remorse


Suddenly my outlook changed
In accordance with my fortunes
No longer felt quite so estranged
Or open to extortion
Some elect to enter the fray
With a fair share of precaution
For one of faithful smile
I will invest of boundless range


Basic human kindness
You possess this in abundance
But there is nothing rudimentary
About your soul in its circumference
You’ve had me shedding tears of joy
No need for chopping onions
You listen when I speak
And never once appear reluctant


The salt of the earth
Offers infinite worth
Before our paths crossed
I was a beggar blind from birth
Thank you sir, thank you
For reminding me of my own worth
This poet’s quill doth gladly spill
And overflow with grateful verse


People like you need to know they are special
Will give my all for one so true
Reach the height of my potential
Just to make them proud of me
As they make me feel essential
Never more dismissed, inconsequential


Respect need not be earned
For it is there right from the start
Trust need not be spurned
For I discern a true-blue heart
Innocence and peace depart
A void is left when fortune turns
But for a chosen few
This need not cause undue concern


Would trust you with my left side brain
Although you’d likely drop it
Would stand before advancing train
Feel safe in claim that you would do your level best to stop it
Just to put your mind at rest
Yes, that is a cell phone in my pocket
This gift from you
You could have sold to fetch yourself a tidy profit


Not my style to quote false prophets
But god bless you
And your family
I needed a friend
One just like you
And would hazard a guess that you needed one too
Never had a brother
But could never need another
For the kinship between us
It is unbreakable and true


I believe in you
Like you believe in me
When I break through and reach my goal
You’ll see how much you mean to me
Kindness is so seldom seen
To you it just comes naturally
For seeing me
Reminding me
That life can still abide by me
With kind heart dignified
And the fine art of my soul
Thank you sir, thank you.






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