Daydream of Believers




Inspired by the phantasmagorically fiendish creations of Kreepy Kim Sofia. Click here to visit Kim’s Sticks and Strings.



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Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in fairy tales?
Do you believe in staring down the barrel of the tragic?
Do you believe in cocking triggers, thinking some way bigger than a magnum force of habit?
Do you believe the heart can heal?
And better still, spill over?
Do you believe we’re born alone, will cry alone and die alone with lonely hearts departed from their owner?
Do you believe at all or is it all a mere coincidence?
Do you believe each time we fall that some cruel bastard’s tripping us?
Do you believe that standing tall will go straight to our heads?
Do you believe in laying low instead?
Do you believe a single thing you’ve read in modern literature?
Do you believe it’s not the same that it was way back when?
Do you believe that things have changed or is it same shit, different day?
Do you believe in right or wrong, in long or short, in now or then?
In how or why, in win or lose, in heaven sent or hell bent?
Do you kiss before you tell and do your lips swell when you do so?
Do desert islands freak you out or castaway your inner Crusoe?
Are you self-sufficient?
Better off with yours and truly?
Do you pull the blinds each time the storm clouds look unruly?
Do you search for answers in the questions you are posed?
Do you spite your face each time you cut off someone else’s nose?
Should you stay or should you go?
Would you say it could go either way?
Could it be the thing you seek is daring stare with caring in your face?
Do you then embrace it?
If it flees, then do you chase it to the ends of earth and farther than you ever dared to dream?
Do you wake up in a cold sweat every time death sets the scene?
Do you believe in fate?
Do you subscribe to destiny?
Do you pout suggestively at every star that passes?
Do you dare to grab one from the skies?
Do you care enough to see it shine?
Can you spot the reason in its rhyme?
Seasons change, days trade with nights
Both sun and moon are gone too soon
And all the while, we search for clues and hurt for truths amidst the web of lies depriving views





Do you believe in magic?
I do
I believe in fairy tales
In happy ever afters
I believe in Holy Grails
In swords and stones
In faith full grown
In myth and legend reinvented
Love that can be never-ending
Pure as oleanders in the driven snow, in bloom
Sometimes borrowed, sometimes blue
Yet, never ever any less than categorically true
Do you believe in me?
For I believe in every one of you
And, secret is
I’m something more than human
We all need to have something to believe in
We all have dreams, just need to learn to weave them
Through spoken verse
Shall offer up a multitude of hopeful clues
The rest is up to every one of you
And should you wish to see the very best of me
Then very simply pout your lips suggestively
I promise then to sparkle
To spark as many fuses through the useful art of bittersweet recital
To practice the humility of one who bleeds divinity
I’m magic see
Just had to be believed


Now, how about that centipede?






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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