To the Widow, A Chamber




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The heart is a hard act to follow
I do so with nary a moment’s undress
For I’m aware of where it leads, should we proceed bereft of caution
Offer up endorsement to the course of love and happiness
Heeding the signs less inclined to mislead, realigning both feet to the reap of tomorrow
Need not beg, nor borrow
For the heart need not be drip-fed on sorrow
Less we skip its beat


The heart soon retreats when defeat is seen as viable option
Recedes from the clutches of thieves who deceive not to flatter but cleave open wide to confide that nothing really matters
Scattering seeds preconceived then to perish over time
Courting treason with no reasoning for rhyme
The beat it grows weaker, as meek as it is mild, no longer so wild or such an eloquent speaker


As the outlook grows all-inclusively bleak, so the heart starts to bleed and departs from the precipice lending air to breathe
Summit undiscovered as we plummet to another time and place, our fall from grace unduly coveting disgrace
Cutting to the chase, our endeavor then to sever the umbilical that cynics call the very end of tether
The storm is a fierce one to weather no question
But weather it we do when we simply take this never ever failing leap together
Do so with nary a moment’s undress
Skipping not a solitary beat


The heart retreats not when victory is seen as reliable option
The widow of the chamber, once estranged, no longer weeps in pain
All ventricles can breathe again, can feed the valves, play conduit to fluids
Suddenly, the beat grows stronger
Offers full endorsement to the course of love and happiness
For lifetimes, maybe longer


The heart is a hard act to follow
Yet, follow it I do
Need not beg, nor borrow
Need not let my heart turn blue
Spartan blood it rushes through me, every artery a masterpiece
Sometimes I bleed, while others feed from me and intravenously
Yet, never ever do I skip a solitary beat



© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™


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    1. Love that. Yes Koala, spot on. The title is most misleading as it makes it sound like it will be melancholic. And, while it is a journey, light is far more in play than darkness. Wonderful observation dear one.

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