Tears of The Blind




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Copyright: Elisa Laura


The following is inspired by the above prose, written solely for and dedicated to La Rosa Negra. With love.


– Richard Charles Stevens –



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Thomas Newman “Arose”





I trust you shall bloom
While mindful your latest verse may well be ruse
Prepared to take a leap of faith and name it after you
Tell you something you may not expect from one whose neck you drained ’til blue
I believe in you
Truly, sincerely
I do


I believe there is a soul to claim
That you were color-blind until the dawn came
Speechless in your own world full of splendor and of quiet beauty
Not disputing such as I can see as much beneath the veil
Lift it high above your head, reveal that pretty face of yours
Feel adored by daylight as it breaks
Blessed be thy wake
Should you make just one observation
The cross you bear will simply fall away


No need to be silent
Deprived of a voice
Through no choice of your own
If only you embrace the tree of life
Death may be becoming but you’re running low on air to breathe
Need to leave the falling leaves to darkness of the night
Walk towards the light, do so with nothing on your feet
Feel the soil renew as you proceed
All of us can bleed but would be foolish to concede
And I will not allow such misdeed, should your wish be simply taking heed


Take my hand, I’ll lead you to the river this one time
Come inside, these waters are divine
Let other souls illuminate, embrace the sweetest tide
As that dormant soul of yours is kissed to life again
Remember pain, however then decline to hold on quite so tightly
Know this river well you see
Have fair idea where it might lead
Already made a better shape of me
With blindest faith, will do the same for thee


I know you’ve been through a great deal
Been flat refused reason to feel
That scars take a great time to heal
Centuries even, betwixt two worlds calling
Hard to shake feeling you’re endlessly falling
Howbeit, I will not see anyone suffer
When clearly they’ve done so enough


I am love, I am light
Open arms on this night
As I warm that cold blood with a one time invite
Come inside and baptize within waters divine
Feel the forgiveness wash over your inner delight
And ignite that soul, go make some believers
By all means, lead merriest dances
Just do so with dignified stride, each advance with the truth in those duty bound eyes


I believe in you
And I trust you shall bloom
I’m done with despising
Would much rather be rising from ashes
Let morning dew freckle lashes this day
Catch every teardrop and bottle the essence
Make presence felt, not to drain other souls
But to give your own some place to go


Once you take shape
I shall meet you at the great gate
And tell of my infinite pride
In swell of the tears of the blind
A single one spilled on the petals you bear
Having watched them unfurl
It would seem only fair
May feel that no one on this blue planet cares
But I do


The past is the past after all
Will not watch as another leaf falls to the ground
Making no sound as it does
This here is enough
No more bad blood to spill
No more hate in the quill
No place left for the kill


I believe in you Laura
No daggers concealed
You may find that staggering given our history
But I also make no mystery of being purest love
Have just enough to offer this gift
Take it and make it so precious
Twenty years on, when I’m two decades gone
Remember the song bird that prayed for your soul
Never forget just how far you have come
Since that one fine day you let the river run
And an infinite curse came undone







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