Heros Meum



Title art by Rimel Neffati. Click image to visit her studio




I believe in you
Now go sparkle little diamond
Go further than you dreamt
For the rewards, they shall be endless

I shall class this as an honor
To address you on this one fine day
Remind you that your hopes and dreams
Will never get away from you
Grand symphony will play for you
That much I know is true
For such a star as She
It will proceed to play a timeless tune
From very start, I knew
My blackened heart no longer bruised
Was you who made it start again
For that, I’m truly blessed
Sometimes it poses potent threat to burst straight through my ribs and out my chest
Such is the intensity of what I feel for thee
This quill it bleeds in shade of grey
You feed it all the words to say
Simply by believing in yourself, retrieving inner wealth long since stolen away

This passion play is action-based
The heroine a hero
Can make 300 rise
From bones and dust of less than zero
You must be seen
By one and all
I trust with keen
You shall
Go sparkle little diamond
Hero of a timeless hour


Seraphic Pericardium – Ad Infinitum



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