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Moby “Natural Blues”





The next time that you feel despair
You are never alone
The next time you feel that you’re drowning like a stone
Disavow this and come up for air
The next time you think that nobody on this blue planet cares whether you live or die
Just pull up your collar and let out a holler
For, someone invariably does
And one such someone is I


By I, I mean we
To be crystalline clear as we’d hate to mislead
Two souls bleeding prose from one mystical quill
Spilling the very same shade
Second sight times two, we truly have that ready-made
We see all
Can feel every one of you in our air space
And have nothing but the purest love to share with you on this or any other one fine day
Words are an incredibly powerful thing
But you have to believe they have meaning
Spend too long a time screening and not enough daydreaming
And one by one they simply fade to grey
Suddenly, it matters not a jot what anybody says
As they probably don’t mean it anyway


With affairs in such a sorry state
We then proceed receding
Hoping just a single soul will know about our bleed
Will care enough to touch our scars
To kiss them when they start to weep
But already resigned to disappointment
Back-handed courtesy of the proverbial fly in the ointment


If you can’t beat them, join them appears to be go-to response
To be fair, rather that than a no-show state of nonchalance
However, for all of the fire in our bellies
We cannot seem to kindle single flame
Forget we even have a name and that’s a simply tragic shame
Perhaps we aren’t invisible as seems to be the case
Perhaps we’re well within our rights to have some dreams to chase
Perhaps there is an open hand to catch the teardrops as they fall away
Perhaps we’re not alone, if only we could see such is the case
Then maybe we could then come up for air before we suffocate


We suffer in silence, compliant with dignified nature
Estranged from the light that defines us as strangers to the night and old-timers at overriding danger
Things get real lonely
If only we could see
That which others lead us to believe
That we mean something
To somebody
Can make a difference
Simply by being
Simply by seeing the woods through the trees
Feeling, embracing very gentlest of breezes


The next time you feel despair
Challenge yourself to resist the urge to purge
Do so if you need
There is very much exceeding much to be said for the bleed
But don’t feel you’re required to hide away your lovely tears
As others may just offer up a sleeve


The next time you feel like you’re drowning
Swim to the surface, breach devouring waves
And simply breathe
Someone on this blue planet cares enough to bleed
Even if that means doing so with no motive aside from devoting flesh and blood to the feed
Someone always cares
Just have to dare yourself to see
Embracing very gentlest of breezes


You are seen
No mistake to be made
There’s a space in the shade
At the never-so-faraway tree
For you to lounge beneath
Back at the rivers of belief
A place which does exist in each and every one of you
Where dreams we chase come true
If only we wish hard enough
If only we can free ourselves from chains of our own doing
Walk away from our untimely ruin
And call the very oldest bluff of all
Short change fall, rise up and force our way through barricades as we parade among the souls that stand in pride of place and hand-in-hand a thousand stories tall


Thus, the next time you feel alone or in despair
We’ll hear you calling
And we will never ever see you falling






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. “Hoping just a single soul will know about our bleed
    Will care enough to touch our scars”

    This is perfect and something I will draw on. An encouraging piece much needed today.

    1. I adore that you drew encouragement for this sweet Mouse. Pulled back the reins for this one and used more simple prose. So glad you loved.

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