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Massive Attack “What Your Soul Sings”





Going through the motions
Know precisely how this feels
When every day that passes is bereft of unexpected thrills
Treading water, dead on course to reaching nowhere fast
Steady flow of second thoughts and not one of endorsement that they pass


Same shit, different day appears the way that this plays out
One measure frustration and the other nagging doubt
Inspiration flagging as it’s simply not forthcoming
Done in, precious little left to give


Running close to empty and with nothing in the tank
All at sea and all set to proceed to walk the plank
All alone in company and wishing for one somebody who actually can see that we’re impassioned only to conceding


Hard to track internal bleeding
Tend to hide it well
Often, single kiss is all that it would take to make us tell
Puckering our lips, if only we could ever feel them swell
Then maybe we could get down to the breathing
Maybe we could get back to believing


There are those who only gloat transaction when it actions one-way thieving
Leave them be as principally they’re stealing from themselves
May appear pictures of health
But inner wealth is something they may never understand
Looks they can be mighty in deceiving
Eyes tell lies comprising misplaced pride and do so underhand


Yet somehow we continue, every sinew still invested
To testing out the boundaries of what may be unfounded in suggestion
Should we widen search
Remember everybody hurts
Then courtesy uncommon is attested
May not possess the answers to a thousand unasked questions
But everybody lives, at very least until we die
And some of us would give our lives to learn


Once we turn the corner
The mist begins to dissipate and climate then grows warmer
As primates, minds do tend then to incline towards self-preservation
Such is very simply in our nature
Besides, we’ve been reminded many times about the clear and present danger pending trust for total strangers


Our tiny vines are wired a certain way when we are children
Takes some time assessing damage, naturally we make dash for the panic room
But feelings can’t be felt until we feel them
Second brains can’t testify until such time as open minds reveal them


Hoping life is no sick joke at our solo expense
Groping at the death-defying tropes of convalescence
Hopeful any essence spent can then be reimbursed
Anything to quench this senseless thirst
First do no harm
By third, it’s a charm
Narrowing our search, we can then better dress to chance both arms


Our souls will lend address
If only we undress their cages
Been imprisoned through the ages
Watched us grow through each life stage, observed as petals furled again
Critical that we expose them to the light and very same in shade
Only way to truly see them breathe again


The universe exists within every one of us
As we do suchlike in return
One without the other is another tragic tale of loss and mourning to perpetually unfurl
Seek the key
You’ll find it on the top shelf, in the pantry
Turn it in the rusted lock
And just you see what happens


Should you not believe in magic
Well then, do whatever’s deemed pragmatic
Emphatic for the static of the dusty stylus binding us to space and time, while chiding us and making narrow eyes at us


Fuck the motions
Hold on tightly
Harness all you are inside
March into the river blind
Do so in your own sweet time
Though, may make sense to rush to feeling


And, when you do see finally
You will know precisely how this feels
It’s right before your very eyes
It’s gushing from the crimson quill
It’s spilling out the inner child


Will meet you at the rope swing
Less we choose to skim some stones across adoring waters
Bare feet as we feel the low tide glide between our toes
And breathe
Let it go
Let it out
Let it in
Go through motions like a cutter knows precisely how to slice through butter in a tray
Learn to smile again and how to pass this on to others


Do so and we’re kids again
Smashing puddles
Chasing clouds away
Diamonds in the sky they sparkle brightest after rain
The only way to truly play the game
The only way to blossom into spray


Unfurl those petals
When alone
Go and find your deepest soul
Then bleed into the crimson river flowing there
Always was within
Shall be forevermore
Sweet home


Seek the key
You’ll find it on the top shelf, in the pantry
Turn it in the rusted lock
And just you see what happens





© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™



1 Comment

  1. Fuck the motions
    Hold on tightly
    Harness all you are inside
    March into the river blind
    Do so in your own sweet time

    I’ll definitely meet you at the swingrope whilst emphasising “SOMETIMES” as I sing ‘Everybody Hurts” by REM. Needed this magic.

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