To Valhalla – With Brave




Featured artwork by Nicklas Gustafsson. Click title image to visit his studio.



Dedicated to and fused from deep within the mercurial soul of my Viking Brother, Sir Giles. My oath to you this day is this – when I am seen, your trilogy of works shall be published far and wide. All proceeds to your lionheart’s eternal bride. Or die trying and return to your side. With the warrior’s pride you confide. Do I scribe this in the bluest blood within my red veins? Aye.


– Richard the Lion –



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It’s never over easy


Not easy finding words when the whole world lies in ruin at your feet
Not easy to confer a hopeful scene when the horizon seems so bleak
Not easy choking back the tears when each one tends to sting
Not easy doing one thing that amounts to more than nothing in particular
Not easy to articulate when fated to be silent
To stick to the curriculum when lessons learned are churning your insides
To find a way to make it through the dead of night unscathed
To pine away for those you feel in no way should have fallen
To brave the storm, leave flowers at their grave
Behave like everything’s okay when au fait with the blinding pain that grinds away at bones concaved by weighted shame and burden
To have a word with Tyler Durden when he’s making soap
To make it back from Fight Club with less than fractured ribs and broken nose
To shake the nagging feeling that reveals you’re on our own
To take back the initiative indicative of that which is predictably unknown
To polish up a throne when overgrown with poison oak
To stomach milk and honey when congealed betwixt thine toes
To go the road to nowhere with blood blisters on your heels
To talk the talk when softly spoken
Walk the walk with pathway broken
Stay the course through bitter thoughts that steal away remains of day endorphins
Ride to town on jaded horse with no illumination source
Lead it to the river blind, endorsing quench of thirst
Change a course, splayed out across the manger of devout
With no room at the inn and only devil of a shout
To reach within the widow chamber in the darkness of strangers and wrench it straight out
To bleed without seeming to harbour a grudge like a petulant drudge to the night
To make it back from Fight Club without a bar of soap that reeks of bacon rind and sodium hydroxide
Remaining dignified when ailing pride is at your service
Behaving kind when blighted by all-surface smite, reserve the right to lash out, thrash out, splash out on the red-eyed screams of shattered dreams
Without obscene repercussions
Cloven hooves tapping
Snap judgement on percussion
Play roulette with Russians and you’re running from a one in half a dozen
Not easy dodging shrapnel when it’s feeling less than tactful
Perching on a cactus as it jacks up intravenously
Searching for the actual facts when lacking clues and backing truths while tracking lies with blackened eyes and cracking ribs inside us
Not a solitary touch of Midas willing to confide in us
All the while, the whole world lies in ruin at our feet
Not easy to confer a hopeful scene when the horizon seems so bleak
Maybe there’s no need to choke back tears each time they sting
Perhaps that single thing could translate everything to just one in particular
Best articulate when we’re pre-fated to be silent
Learn our own curriculum and turn our insides out to stop the violence
Find a way to make it through the dead of night unscathed
Light a candelabra for the forefathers you feel have most courageously fallen
Brave the storm, leave flowers at their grave
Carry them home on their shields
Plant them there, harvest them, reap evermore from the yield
Climbing like ivy to infinite vantage
Striving to slacken the harness of grief
Finding that which lies beneath
Releasing bit betwixt thine teeth
And very simply
Hard to say it’s easy
But I see thee
Believe in thee
Whoever thee may actually be
I am with you
One and all
Will not see the mighty fall this day or any other
Will never ever forsake you my brother
With every drop spilled, I shall wake you my brother
Wait for me within Valhalla
One fine day
I’ll see you
In the meantime
I’ll see you
I’ll breathe you
Bleed deep for you
Eat heartily in your distinguished name


It’s easy
When you never went away






© Copyright: greykeeper ™ Chapel Black ™


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  1. For the first time I’ve been unable to finish reading your work. This is an extremely stirring tribute… Mind blown, heart swollen, eyes weeping.

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