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Annie Lennox “Cold”




Have at you pain
Do your worst
You’ll never ever break me
Comprehend each word I say
Would recommend you take heed
Know your game and know it well
Expose yourself when all is calm
Propose I skimp on healing balm
Make it plain I should be feeling charmed
Chance your arm at grievous harm, facetious as you preach to me of great need to succumb to you sedately
No method to your madness although all signs tend to point to stress
What’s the point or dialect to that effect are prepped in joint address
Trusting that I will have overslept right through alarm call
No respect for retrospect as you accent the sharp fall
Harmful toxins blocking out receptors, nullifying sight until such time as I am color blind
Discerning only black and white


Rabid my decline as force of habit makes a B-line for the key lime in my marrow in the hope of narrowed eyes
Sense of humour rumoured to be hallowed only harrows as it drags me to the gallows every time it bids decline
A symphony antagonizing
Chorus line of agony
You badger me and badger me with tragedy and tragically I actually proceed to kind of like it
Can’t beat ’em, join ’em tends to be the trend to one’s mentality
When entering menagerie for further observation
Murder in the first precursed by curse to every blessing then indited
However, I’m no product of society
May well have walked the line but conditioned thoughts aside
I timed my run to sidestep impropriety
Once read that variety provides the spice of life and spliced it into peace of mind to breach high tide inclined to leeching from my privacy


One time primed child genius until the intravenous weaning of belief that flagged amid their sheath of screening
Bored me with curriculum delivered without meaning
Implored I spam their lesson plans, endorsing altered course towards daydreaming
We all need education, not about to pull rank mid-address
But words mean less relayed from musky textbook
Telling us we can’t when chances are we bloody can
Preaching to the choir until such time as we recede, recline
Denied the pride required to lead the line
Confiding it’s more dignified to not dig deep inside us
Keep our hands where they can see them
Creep up on our blind side , snatch our hindsight and supply syringes inching to infringement of our psyches
All twinges simply by the by, reminded that conditions might apply
The worm it turns on their exclusive terms
Conducive to a dearth of spoken word
Reducing us to tears yet it is here they come unstuck
Here we make our own luck from the salt that stings our eyes
Here we cut no slack to choking back our desperation
Here we see the sunrise over decimated nations
Here we try our hands at making sense of all the feeling
Here we see the basis for believing
Have at you pain
I know your name
No shame in making plain that I am way past stage of failing as it’s claimed to be paraded in my nature
You say I can’t
I can you know
And what is more, I’m not alone
These beasts cannot be tamed as we are famed for slaying demons in the shade
You made your point in piercing tone
You flayed our skin and raped our bones
And now you pay embittered price for staking bitter claim upon our homes
Beating our brows until thoroughly frowned
Then proceeding to ground us in misery, dousing our industry, thieving from essence and eating our souls


Pain may never ever be annulled
However, once endeavored
We can truly be paroled from the cajoling hands that grope and sever tethered threads of hope
Open to suggestion that congestion is a necessary evil to progress to blessed breathing
See the distant lights, commence believing we can find the peace of mind required to climb the tide and ride the waves with timeless brave until the one fine day arrives and finally we breach it
Learn our true curriculum and teach it to the masses
Use the salt of tears to sharpen spears of batting lashes
Fashion all the slashes that your canvases can handle
Seems a scandal not to vandalize the parchment
Unthinkable to sink beneath the clay of our entitlement
Basically, we’re free to bleed at will
Tastefully we spill the very essence of our deepest souls
Seeping through the pavement cracks
These broken bones of ours have got our backs
Relaxed as we take back the power commandeered in desperate hours and vested then to cower in the corner
For with every candle waxed, we’re getting warmer





Richard Charles Stevens






  1. “You made your point in piercing tone
    You flayed our skin and raped our bones”

    Incredible piece full of work, screaming raw emotion. Pain man’s downfall but for you Lion, strength and determination.

    1. The emotion was at its rawest here. As we have spoke about, I called out the old enemy to bring the pain to the surface. This piece was the result of that. I loathe Coke. It is a cruel and merciless barbiturate. But losing Rabbit and my brother in the space of 24 hours left me hollow. Was desperate to fill it with something other than pain. Thus, I did the thing and bled it out like a pig. In many ways, this is one of the most critical pieces of literature I have ever scribed. Thank you for never one time judging me. As you know, my book is open. My fractured heart the same. My soul as open as it has ever been. And I have made it through the blackest nights of my life, largely because this Lion is believed in.

  2. I’ll never be your judge, only your friend and one of your biggest fans. Writing a form of blood letting and done so beautifully. Dark subjects always turn around to face the light.

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