The Quiet Man






He was a quiet man
Kind, unassuming and gentle in nature
With a genuine heart
And ever the smile for a stranger
Out of his depth amidst peril and danger
His unforeseen death came too soon


A family man until fate played its hand
Placed on his shoulders the curse of the damned
Others witnessed that which they could never understand
His downfall pronounced by unspoken tune


However do you keep a wave upon the sand
When willfully blind to the stars and the moon
For their far from best efforts, some fail to attune
Know not what they have got until it’s gone too soon


He was love and nothing more
Warm, of compassion and ever the charmer
With heart on his chest
And nary a chink in his armor
Alas, for all his fine work with good karma
It was ultimately of little use
For his internal bleeding was just too profuse


Fell upon his sword as he implored to be forgiven
It’s a short walk to death from the land of the living
Repeatedly disciplined for others lack of vision
Those who had forgotten how to love without condition


Crying out is fruitless when surrounded by deaf ears
If only they had listened then they would have seen his golden years
If only they’d consoled him then he would have shared his lonely tears
Instead, he slipped away without complaint


Simply wasn’t his way to make a fuss or a scene
Still wore a smile after all that he’d seen
Regardless of plight said smile remained serene
If there was one thing he did not lack, it was vision


Attentive to the last and with the wide eyes of a child
For even though an even flow of hopes and dreams had been defiled
Blind faith had granted encore
Whence he came to, he had not a solitary clue how long he’d been gone for
But death was irrespective as he’d found the thing he’d longed for


To be seen
Just the once was sufficient
That was all it took
To share a single sincere vision
And once the curtain fell and his final breath expelled
It was her sweet lips that kissed his own farewell


He was very much at home on the night that he died
This quiet man now dances with the stars and the moon
In the one place where his grace resides in welcome ever dignified
Fresh lilies all about him
As he roams through a garden in vibrant spring
His unforeseen death may have come too soon
But forever and a day can truly be now





Richard Charles Stevens






  1. Dearest Lion, many people see you for the gentle soul you are. Life presents us with brutality along our weary road but by some miracle, we get through some tough horrible stuff. Break ups to brain haemorrhages! Don’t lose faith in people Lion, many have faith in you.

  2. This nearly broke me in two, except for the fact that you hurt so. All I can say is I believe in you, that you can take to the bank. And, you are still here like St. Elmo’s Fire you burn bright, don’t ever forget that.

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