Last Gasp Hurrah

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Phaeleh (feat. Soundmouse) “Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix)”

if i ever was a lion
then i am a lion now
representative of zion
with an ever mighty growl
such has never been more timely
as no woe is left to messily betide me
unless i venture forth on course that should be sprawled subjectively behind me

walking the fraught path of peril
i’m spent
hell bent against preventing lending gasp to last breath
dicing with death for every time that i lament a life contented in abound of its unending
tending not to red flags wagging fingers in my flagging misdirection
lingering like habit as they finger my subjection
trending death by making this a legacy bereft self care
effectively i’m here but on the dreaded tread to you know where
once declared unfair i’m on the plains of gain to market share
and thus, i’m everywhere
the spoils of mortal coil undressing

if i ever was a lion
then i am a lion now
shadows don’t define me
when defiantly i prowl
before me stand those who adore me
 thus, i’m averse to excursion untimely
for behind every man, woman, child is a light which invites blackest night to burn brightly
with ever mighty growl
such has never been more timely
no woes are left to messily betide me
and thus, i venture forth on altered course from all subjectively behind me
perched upon the precipice
composed to leaping blindly
i leave myself this note
in blindest faith that it will find me
remind me that i need not die of self-addressed decree
remind me to defiantly proceed
and should this prove my final breath
before death sets the scene
then rightly i have one breath left to breathe

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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