The Cursed Verse

Title artwork by Rimel Neffati. Click image to visit her studio.

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 Nature Underworld”

Darkness came for me
Yet, did not take me
The light inside it burns too bright
Will never once forsake me
The graveyards do not haunt my soul
Indeed, I find them most serene
Already seen it all, for it is written on these whitewashed walls
And do not fear my own demise too greatly

Have suffered through ordeal, howbeit this could never break me
Though painfully revealed, had just the healing balm to save me
And, as I sleep, most peacefully
The other side reveals to me its wish to kiss my ashen lips and make love to the beast in me
I listen to its pleas as this amuses me
Should I get bored, then I just browse my eulogy
Presumably a solemn read
Bereft of happy ending
Should rumours be deemed accurate
Then death is all consenting
Not the kind to sit about fermenting
Breaking down, lamenting every free choice I have made
Not the kind inclined to lending weight to vials of hatred
Got no time for showdown, when the lowdown speaks of throw down
The only way is up whence elevated
Just because the crops are devastated
Doesn’t mean I lack the chops to stop that which shouts odds to have been obstinately fated
I’m no one’s coffin baby
Least of all a psychic leech
Your haunted verses dressed as hearses
Shame the wolves, through all the lies
The false hopes, the delayed goodbyes
Your face it droops down on one side
And this shall be thy curse
A mannequin that vanishes the moment night is tamed by day
Escape denied by no place left to hide away from thine own face
The layers peel away, betraying beauty for disgrace
For, deep beneath the skin, exists a hollow little chamber
The blackened sludge within is barely preferable to mulch
You bear the grudge of sin and base your thesis upon hunch
Insulting the intelligence of one so evidently touched
Reaching for chimera out of touch

Darkness came for me
Did so clandestinely
Pressing down each time that I expressed unease
Alas, for all its smash and grab
It failed upon cohabiting successfully
For each time that this quill doth bleed
I further my trajectory
Thy haunted verses nowise hath effect on me

I am Viking, you see
Have a tribe of our own
Not a coven unbeknown
We stand proud of our kind
Lead the line dignified
We are brave, do not fear
Shallow graves insincere
Darkness comes to all of us
Making mighty Nords of us
We’ve already seen it all
The raven’s eye confided
It is thee for “witch” the curse is blighted

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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