Whispers Through the Chrysalis




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Hans Zimmer “Vide Cor Meum”





Of hummingbirds and spoken verse
Sunflowers and moonstones
Verdant grass and skies azure
Syllables and rune stones
Caterpillars in a state of graceful metamorphosis
Butterflies in waiting set to flutter by the front porch of the orphanage
Each of them a lullaby to nullify my suffered eyes
A symphony that principally is gifted from another time
Lifted from the silt of tears of clear blue skies in infinite arrears
One thousand years of wept confessions lessening the blessed earth with never less than evanescing curse
Ladybirds and crazy blurb
A mazy trail of spacious verse
Embracing magnetization curve
One soul deserves another
Of hummingbirds and spoken verse
Loving words and open arms
Dreamcatchers and token charms
These broken homes recover
Enrapture in the capture of fresh dandelions in bloom
Making wishes, thinking they may actually come true
Crops of flourish at mine feet
Rape seed spread before me in adoring mighty fleet
Daisies chained in flaxen braids
We handsome braves parade them gaily
Nourish in these waters daily
Treat luck like a lustrous lady
Winds may bluster, storms will come
Wings will burn and come undone
When reaching to embrace the sun
Tis how we bleed our scars
Of hummingbirds and spoken verse
We elevate from token worth
Caterpillars in the final phase of metamorphosis
Whispering through chrysalis
With candid bliss and candy lips
With stardust on our fingertips
We teach the world what living is
We love so hard each scar we glance
We sing a hearty tune and dance
We honour Viking braves and carry torches to Valhalla
Butterflies in rise of metamorphosis and valour






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of the Crimson Quill





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    1. That just made every single fragment of my heart twinkle my dearest Koala. Wished to release a fresh burst of Spring and it means everything to read your words.

    2. I love that comparison, Koala. That is precisely where I felt when writing it. Far away from the mechanized madness and in touch with the sweetest intricacies of nature.

      Spent the best part of a year in said chrysalis and, whence departing, every sense was perfumed. Hoped to capture this in the verse and made up that it was received that way.

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