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Tangerine Dream “White Eagle”





Nothing left to lose
Yet, still a great deal left to cherish
I will not allow the faith inside of me to perish
Even when it’s running low, I know it will replenish
Not about to croon the lonesome blues
For there is plenty in my life that sees me straight through fortune’s strife
Should pain be rife, then I refrain from misplacement of grace and fight
If anything, such wicked games have taught me how to duck and dive
Life ain’t always fair or even halfway there but those who dare to tough it out are in with shout of shaking out mistaken doubt for each and every time we come untied
I’m nothing if not dignified
Take tremendous pride in my devout
Grinding out the win when I can’t do so for the losing
Riding out each sorrow, in the hope that one tomorrow, I won’t be required to beg and borrow healing balm for all the scars and bruises
Choosing to remain upbeat, hold onto long estranged belief
With bit between my teeth, proceed and lead once guilty feet way back to innocence
Remind myself that there are wealth of reasons not to go to such extremes as to let go of hopes and dreams I see as limitless
Achieving peace of mind when I have been confined to state of mind resigned to teams assigned to feasting on competing leading light
This breeding site for thieving blight is more inclined to gleaming bright
Thus, when I spot receding tide
I see not a misleading guide
For this provides the key insight required to find my deepest essence then commence to bleed it out
Doing so addresses that which presses down on ever reaching out for fear of teasing out the same devout that claims I need to stick it out regardless
The world is incomplete without the heartless
Those composed to throes of most unnecessary harshness
However, I am not alone in any one endeavour
How could I be when all I see are angels in vicinity
Whether they be visible or pooling through the never
Certain ties need never one time sever


Nothing left to lose
Besides, I’m too dog tired for singing blues
Grown weary of the stinging news that I have missed specific cues to live the simple life and toss the one thing Crystalline aside
Followed soul when there seemed nowhere left to go but deep inside the source of the most caustic woes and throw myself a not so stealthy lifeline
Can get lonely in the limelight when disposed of hopeful skylight
Thus, I dignified response to every shooting star that shone the brightest
Readily invited second sight to lead procession through the pipeline
Reminded of the kind of twine that truly knows no timeline
The ties not so inclined to bind but blush the veins like red grape wine
Sign the dotted line upon the deeds we need not testify
No contract binding souls together
Something some way more adhesive
Flaunting through unspoken thesis
Hope absorbing
Daunting not the lost and seasick
Not a single thing strategic
Feeding souls nowise bankrolled to tank roll into tracks of dreams obscenely capped and ceaselessly anemic
Know the secret kept from us
The future’s bright
I’ve seen it with my own eyes and believe them now as each sunrise confides of boundless reasons to adore through all four seasons
Even more aside
For I am seen through kindred eyes
Together we can weather any storm, what’s more we soar like golden kestrels as we redefine the very meaning of our lives
Take each blip and trip its wire
Do so with unblinking eyes
Hold on tight for dearest life
Then do the thing and





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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