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Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves how far we have actually come
Others we’re required to head straight back to where it was we started from
Rather reel in pain than feel increasingly numb
Rather take each leap of faith and know not of the outcome
Hard to keep apace when you are midway through a maelstrom
Hard to wear those eager faces
Dare to brave each steeplechase
With shaken faith and no plate for the piece of cake we sweep away each time our own depletion rate exceeds the weight anticipating things will be okay


Maybe it’s okay to be halfway to destination
Works in progress progress best when versed upon the process
Alleviating stress is seldom less than sturdy hurdle to negotiate
Ever tried to mediate debate beneath the one grate that we keep away from prying eyes, even if that means we dissasociate
Like to think we know our minds but rarely do we pamper and exfoliate
Fertile as these minds may be, we need to remain mindful of the kind of seeds that scream their need to procreate


Searching high and low for just one quiet glow within that feels appropriate to reaching desired goal against the tidal flow of all that deviates enlightened souls
No hired coach when we’re alone to raise our spirits, kindle hope and rally in defiant note
The answers do not lie in higher dosage
Far more inclined in times when life bitch slaps us with a total lack of tact and prior notice
When actual facts cut fuck all slack to fiction far more stacked to predilection
Backing up the mental spam that forcibly requests our sole affection
Not to mention, slackened hinges as it binges on the twinges while we teeter deepest chasms leading in a downward spiralling direction


Curiouser and curiouser
Hearts beating ever so furiously as we glance descent paths dubiously
This is the part when we’re party to obscurity as precious few will ever see the faith in which we pride our leap
Precarious it may well be
But there do exist multivarious means to proceeding while bleeding profusely
One is a spotter should one be alotted to hop, skip and jump to the same tune melodic
Preferably one a little less inclined to histrionics
Depends if you can riff upon the phonics when tectonic
Take shit embryonic, play entire lives in reverse
Don’t forget to sift through blessings, lifting lived-in curses
Most critically, redefine your worth


Lift the balls of both feet from the earth, get set to soar
Find peace in every picosecond uncorrected theretofore
Should there be a guarantor then hold their hand, entwine your veins
Smile and say “I see you” as they might just see precise same way
Remind yourselves you’re wide awake
And dream a little dream
Set a little scene
Find the in-between
And embrace the ravine
For a river runs through
Shall confide what to do
Once lost and found gain ground on groundless boundaries, break through
No need to learn to walk before we run
Life need not be one long plea to starter gun
Sometimes we just need to see the woods for all the trees
Remind ourselves of just how far we’ve come




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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