Metaphor for Something a Little More Cliché

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The Beastie Boys “Get It Together”

Get it together
Go weather the storm
Better to burn out than fade away
Only get one life to live
And with a little give and take
Maybe we can stomach all the cliché

Perhaps a pinch of salt would help to turn the tide in favor
Could it be that time will tell of rights we choose to waver
Nothing is original, it’s all been said before
Sad but true, no point to prove or boundaries to try and move that haven’t been historically explored
Best we throw the towel in then and go suck Shakespeare’s dick
Make it quick as dead men’s shoes can kick up quite the stink
Get our skates on, keep the breaks on, go and claim that lonely lap of honor round the rink
Ignoring the ovation as boring as that sounds
For veneration comes and goes when given the disproving grounds to compound every rebound
Smiles soon turn to frowns when mealy mouths come into play
Why should they believe a single heedless word we say?
Someone got there first, racing headfirst to participate in making sure no turn remains unstoned
“Art is nothing more than a pallid imitation”
Remarks like that proliferate the process of creative elimination
Talk about a cloudburst
But then, ironically they are just words
Outbursts of coerced articulation
Metaphor is little more than what it’s meant to be unless it’s meant to be a metaphor for more
A centipede’s a centipede unless it then pretends to be a millipede when entering the spore
Entropy ostensibly proceeds to keep us guessing
When pilloried by jealous zealots telling tall tales breathlessly
Quick lads, call it out as time worn cliché
They do not give a fuck in flames what we say
Far too overzealous are they breaking out repellents
Hard to make a token statement choking back the flea spray
C’est la vie or could it be there’s supplementary relish on the raw meat
Nothing complimentary complementing chef on paraphrasing every stolen verb that he regurgitates
Feet of fleet they do tend to retreat from wet cement before it then commences setting into concrete
Ever tried to pin tail on a donkey feeling wonky
Talk its hind legs off when it is heading off in opposite direction
One mention of the word cliché and we question our intentions
All donkey work is swiftly shirked in bursts of self-deception
Just because our words defer immaculate conception
Doesn’t mean we don’t wash our vaginas
After frying up phantom placenta
V is for Vendetta but altogether better when letter bombing at our longing leisure
Whatever floats your boat need not be opened up to vote
For metaphor is more than slave to fashion
With dash or two of passion, you have yourself this summer’s black, distraction piece and soon to be international trend setter

Only if we get it together
Only when prepared to weather storm
Warm our hands on all things grand so they don’t ever fade away
Only get one life to live, at least until we piss the next away
And with a little give and the very same in take
Maybe we can run with all the cliché

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. How delightfully eye-opening! I would like to think of those who are spiteful to others as the challenge phase of our existence. I think we are all connected and when you harm another, you ultimately harm yourself.

  2. The Path, like the River, flows ever forward Keeper. I believe we came together for a reason, and we have our eyes, collectively, on the common goal. So come, take my hand, raise your machete and lets show them what mutual love, respect and desire for that common goal can do to set the world on fire. And if we burn it to the ground, I’ll provide the marshmallows 😉 Grateful for your kinship, and your friendship. Much love and respect, as always xxx

  3. Ok you need to put a DO NOT PUSH key over your delete button, or just remove it altogether. I like to think of that crimson river flowing and babbling right alongside that dusty twisted path and no matter which one you are a part of they work together. You are always a source of inspiration for me…never let anyone or anything take away your shine.
    Love you much Keeper xo

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