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Tangerine Dream “Beyond The Cottage And The Lake”





Inside our world
We are safe
We are home
Within this realm
We are never quite alone
We show enterprise and roam with most tremendous pride enthroned
Its reign through tender eyes condoned
A love proposed to never die


Opting for whichever guise we deem applies to tone
Not to which we feel obliged
For we do not lie prone
Those other lives are not our own
Inside our world
We dine alone
A banquet the royal family would not invite bemoan
Within this mighty realm
We are safe
We are home


Steal a kiss
Live to tell
Make a wish in the fathomless well
Take amiss not a thing that we see
Take a risk
Better yet
Two or three
Inside our world
We give open-handedly not to receive
Living upstandingly
Candidly breathe
Draw no line in the sand betwixt land and the sea
Hand in hand we imagine the handsomest scene
With expansionists keen we proceed
To make grand each midsummer night’s dream


Inside our world
Exist riches obscene
There are diamonds and pearls
Midst unfurling esteem
We are seen
We are heard
Not a thing to defer
Only need to confer
To relieve of this burden
To be close
To be certain
If only to draw the white curtain
Urge the bright light to surge through the blinds to remind of its undying purpose
No question that life is a circus
Inside our world evil clowns cannot hurt us


Whenever I lay down to sleep
My soul be yours alone to keep
A constant chaperone through every solitary dream we weave
Inside our world
We are safe
We are home
Within this realm
We need never feel alone
We can sever ties that bind
Ride each zephyr intertwined
Leave the rest of us behind
And make best of a love proposed to never die




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill





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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Shadow Spark Publishing™


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