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I love you
Truth be ours
I loved you the second you beckoned me over
Our eyes met across a crowded room yet there was only me and you
My lonely heart had only ever had one careful owner


I knew within a moment we had loved so many times
Spread far and wide across so many cycles
No question it was you
Indeed, my very first impression made suggestion of the interlude alluding to commencement of our very next recital


No question love was true
Therefore, I verily pursued the slew of butterflies that fluttered by the shutters of my room to timeless view
Not a whisper uttered as I silently supplied a timely nudge towards the clutter of rosebud in fullest bloom
The midday sun was comforted
The birds were in triumphant tune
Concurring of a love so true
That every signpost ushered me directly back to you


Somewhere off the beaten track
As legend enlightened would have it
Exists a secret garden
Where entitlement is habit
Whatever hearts desire inspires the reach and speed to grab it
Whatever dreams may come will hum in frequency of piquancy emphatic


Enraptured by the majesty of thee
For thine is glory long foreseen
Through eyes to kingdom come
Blessed be
The Blessed She
No question
You’re the one
Thine signature through mine delight be spun
I speak thine name and keenly come undone


I love you
With the sun and the moon of omnipotent gaze
For we weave through our dreamscape an infinite braid
Of costume balls and masquerades
Velvet sheets and sweet charades
Every single skin we trade
Inscribed with love so true
That truth be ours
I loved you at hello again






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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