To One Unending




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Ludwig van Beethoven “Melody of Love”





He would give his eyes to see her suffer not in vain
To touch her smile
Remembering the day when sorrow borrowed not refrain
Of every pain that She had masqueraded through the ages
Seasons changed
While She remained the same in brave paraded
Faced the fears belating tears sincerely felt but seldom traced
She kissed to tell the wishing well
A tale bereft of ending
It listened well
Her lips then swelled
With fables nowise pending
He lent both ears to hear her breathe the very air of debonair
Verily proceeded to the ornate chair enthroned to She
Perched beneath the everlasting gaze of She
Wept openly


Slow hands nowise groped at She
For He had bled heart hopefully
In keen that She would feed upon each artery devotedly
As above
‘Twas so below
And no less in-between
Blessed curses drove the hearses
Angels chose stretch limousines
Neither here nor there declared
A solitary death for She
Each echo through eternity had yearned to see repeated
The love of all loves loved before
Above made so below feel so defeated
No retreat and no surrender
No war left to rage
For preface had been bled before She gently sighed and turned the page


In that moment
Seasons changed
While She remained the same in brave paraded
Thus, He bequeathed his timeless eyes to see the phoenix rise again
One kind flame
Of twosome braid paraded
Nowise pending
To kiss and tell the wishing well
One timeless, ageless tale bereft of ending…






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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