Starry Eyes Divine




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I caught a shooting star
And named it She
Somehow, this celestial seed had evaded me for centuries
Its distant light inviting I confide of private memories
Had chased her through my wildest dreams
Made great haste in making known
That I would scout the universe with formerly untold devout
To find this bygone soul and take her Home with me


Over course of many lives
My widened eyes had grown so weary
Nearly didn’t make it to the ball
This masquerade was masked
A dance of decadent desire
Wanton in its virgin ache to purge the fire from naked fall
Making brisk example of all those opposed to cruel charade
Honesty a policy that honestly had no real place
An endless sea of unbeknownst dependency
My eyes without a face


The ballroom then spun wildly
For I knew not how to learn of She
Through woods and trees
From here to there yet nowhere near the clearing of eternity
Time was very clearly near conceded of its certainty
Burdened be the corset of remorse for cautions passed
This wasn’t the first costume ball
And neither was it primed to call last dance


Shyly I advanced
Through whirling sprawl of prying eyes
Searching for a diamond midst horizon of disguises
Enterprising solely to console my inner sight
For underneath one solitary cloud hid silver lining
So many lives had been bequeathed
To see this kind star shining
Reclining in the splendour of the naked flame entwining with her own
If only She could make it so
Then I would most politely bid her hand to take her Home with me
Braid each day to night
And lounge with blithe beneath the tiny shaded oak


Intimate by way of souls in Crystalline
Shooting stars colliding as they glide a timeless zipline with the line of sight that only love proposes to inscribe
A brace of thoughtful rovers on set course for supernova
Exploding into new star borne of infinite design
The signature of time and space would fade away the one fine day that two once famed paraded single file yet side by side
My only wish to catch this shooting star and take her Home with me
If only she could see me in the steep of her reflection
Then we would lead divinest intervention


It was then She caught my eye
In very corner of my labyrinthine mind
I hadn’t seen more handsome beast in all my life
Or indeed any other left behind
A spacial brace of diamonds sparkled bright before my grateful own
Knew we were already Home
Made great haste in making known
That only She and I could ever hope or dream of openly proceeding through the labyrinthine corners of our minds
Then take the boldest leap of all
Fall through atrium of space and time
Wake up facing looking glass
And glance unique reflection
Eventually she verily placed tiny hands in mine
Home is where a brace of starry eyes didst bleed divinest intervention





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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