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Of all the souls within my keep
This one was unique from all of the others.

Of all the monochrome dreamscapes steeped
This one awoke living colour.


Of all the lovers with lips bittersweet
This one kissed boldly to tell of their swell
This one wished into an infinite well
This one insisted I leap
This one persisted when bones became weak
This one enlisted the flowery robes of mystique
Clenching tight-fisted the tome of the ancients
Ventured of patience
And graceful of sweep
Dignified eyes when declining to speak
Silence unspoken of token critique
Wide open
Yet, healing and feeling each sense into She I invested
Crested the black eagle soaring the skies
Keeping abreast of the tears wept of She
Never again would the seasons recede
For winter’s discontent dressed summer scene
The fell of autumn leaves encouraged spring then to proceed.


Of all the bleak horizons bled
Of sped retreat midst creeping dread
The only bed that burns concurs
Eternal verse whence changeless flames be wed
Angels tread the boards adored
Imploring just a peek beneath the veil of romantique
No frail faith teaches
Light and shade parade in gilded gown of great renown
Midst aeons long forsaken reawakened in the now.


Of all the souls within my keep
This one I feel as I see
Cut me wide open
Invite me to bleed
I shall name every vein after She
Make it plain the terrain of my deepest soul’s heart
Are the plains of the innermost artist in me
That angels shall weep
Of her beauty
And using the tears
I shall paint her
A masterpiece






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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