The Venus Intravenous

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Vangelis “Rachel’s Song”

Take my strength, please take it all
You need it more than I my love
At times like these, I give my all
To see you standing ten feet tall
To see you rise, I’d take the fall
Arms open wide to break your fall
For love like ours, I’d make that call
Do take my strength, please take it all

See the light, it’s burning bright
Inside of me, providing sight
When blinded by conspiring darkness
I shall be your beacon
Won’t let you down, won’t leave your side
Won’t vanish once you close your eyes
Will be right here, your hand in mine
Shall tap the vein throughout the night
Each beat of my heart echoes yours
Should one grow weak, won’t miss a beat
Permit the undue misery of one adored explicitly

We’ve been through pain like this before
Came out the other side
Access not denied for we stand fearsome side-by-side
O, love of mine
You have my shield
You have my sword
You have my spear
For thee, I shall play cavalier
And march with you to victory
With fiercest Spartan stride

The story of my life it reads
Would give it all and more, for She
Reveal a love so seldom seen
So seldom felt permissibly
This tale one of great wizardry and far stranger than fiction
Take my love, please take it all
Fear not of dereliction
The font it doth replenish, every time I think of you
This heart of mine embellished with a wealth of stardust gleaned from you

Magic does exist, and every wish we make, it can come true
The universe will see us through
Of that there is no mystery
Each wing and prayer a kiss to share
A tale to tell on winter nights like these
And every scar that heals reveals a masterpiece in waiting
Patience is a virtue that I learned from you back in the day
Now is the time for demonstrating
Hence, I turn to artistry

Each word I fashion lends to ration
Spills with love, explodes through ode with passion
Actions may speak louder, but adventures know no boundaries
We stand here on uneven ground
With ventricles profoundly fused
I bleed for you and you for I
This love we hold shall never die
Our heart shall not turn blue
The storms shall pass and when they do
Just know that I am with you for all time

Shall never once vacate your side
Shall tap the vein each time you close your eyes
Shall tap it through both day and night
Will be right here, your hand in mine
To meet you with the warmest smile
Upon such time as you awaken, ever dignified and full of grace
Take my strength, my love, my light
Please take it all
It’s all for you
Would ride bare back through Jericho and tear down every wall for you

Right now, I’m in our hiding place
In-between the vertebrae and shoulder blades
Can see you there, in Crystalline
Can feel your warming hand in mine
Will see you standing ten feet tall
Arms open wide, but we won’t fall
For love like ours, no call to make
Rewarding us for patience
For love like ours shall seize the day
Shall lead a nation, rise twin-flamed
Until that day, in your fine name
My Venus, I shall tap the vein

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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