Of Learnèd Eyes

I live and learn
Through tears that burn
Intently listen
Read each word
That bleeds between the lines
My eyes define through interleaving blur

The parchment of a heart once glass
Now beats the steepened air of chance
In reap of every parting glance
That led me back to arms of charm
Could never ever wish to harm
The one to whom I tether
No ties of bind could preconceive
No knives maligned could sever
Hold no belief that I know any better of a tale
That redefines the meaning of forever

I live and learn
As each page turns
Through tears that burn
In kind
Unprepared to judge
For I am not that way inclined
Perhaps I did so
Once upon a time
Until I learned to read each word
That bleeds between the lines

Riding each current
Now willingly so
In wisdom concurrent
All senses afloat
Through summoning eyes
To a faraway land
To make grand each moment when openly damned
Both blessèd and cursed
In verse sutured together
To redefine the future of forever

I live and I learn
Through each unspoken truth
Stand fallen in the copious of you
Each broken lyric sweeps fresh cord
No longer numb to sweet discord
We sing a song sung long before
The Nordic braves sailed northern fjords
Our love tells tale of two hearts duly tethered
To redefine true meaning of forever

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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