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I watched the sunrise in her eyes
Beneath the moon’s disguise
My view denied by blindness of approving kind
For good of humankind
I would have died to see her life through a kaleidoscope of hope afloat
Uncloaked the ties the binded me


Hereby assigned incisive mind
No idle wind could underpin
And then I got to wondering
The secrets of the rising tide
The sea was deep
The ocean wide
Across these shores
No truth denied
Perched upon the pew beside
Face besmirched and brooding eyes
I wept the tears Rasputin cried
The night that the illusion died


Felt disinclined to hide the grief
That led me to her side
Bequeathed the heart of bleeding masterpiece
For She beseeched each artery
To weep unique release
Secrete the very deepest art from me
For in her eyes
The sunrise had forever been a part of me
Beneath the moon’s disguise
Midst rumours of a love that never died


Hereby assigned amazing grace
Eyes open wide to save my face
I stated most persuasive case
To face the grave and make it great
The grazing grass was verdant green
Embracing the emergent trees
Hastening with fervent keen
To lace the one recurrent dream
Her eyes bid most determined gleam
I watched the sunrise in-between
Beneath the moon’s disguise
Uncloaked the ties that binded me
For within blindness I was






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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