Nocturnal Symphony



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Debussy “Rêverie”





Two birds, flying high
Ribbons of light lacing blackest of skies
Rising above every cloud as they glide
Ne’er to be gazed by the unpractised eye
Far and away from the capture of blight
Farther than space
Telegraphic of time
Asymptomatic of mortal decline
Soaring through portal
Two birds, flying high


Leaves beneath dance in the bonfire of reason
Even in Fall, at the height of their season
Sprawled across meadows of fellowship pleasing
To the crops embellishing replenished Autumn heath
So fruitful the earth
Extroversion bequeathed
As sultry dawn mists concur of the oxygen it breathes
Fair is the breeze that eavesdrops on the eaves
Parlaying rye into sheaves


Two birds, flying high
Of opulent scope
Bon vivant par excellence reposed
Juxtaposed lights probing blackest of skies
To delight in the throes of refinement
Farther than space
Telegraphic of time
Two birds, flying high
In rapturous twine
Braided embrace of emphatic incline
Far and away from the static resigned
E’er to be gazed by the empathic eye
Composed of a symphony divine


Mountains and rivers and oceans enshrined
In the untold domain of propitious minds
Northernmost skies never radically darken
Whence two birds fly high of the timeliest harken
Kissing the skyline to redress the tides
Skimming freckled pebbles o’er the blessed sands of time
Bathing faded shadowscapes in luminescent light
Two birds, flying high


Out of sight and mind to all but true empathic eyes
Souls paroled of hold denying topographic highs
Of nocturne enterprised
Attuned to operatic rise
Farther than space
Telegraphic of time
Two birds, flying high
In one enigmatic twine






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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