Comfortably Monkey

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Pink Floyd “Comfortably Numb”

Have never shed a tear that wasn’t beautiful
This soul of mine knows no place incommutable
Have always searched for diamonds in the rough and buffed them up
To not do such seems downright inexcusable
My glass is always more than halfway full unless it’s empty
Don’t see the sense in playing cool what’s meant to be
Would give my all to alter course of destiny with vested glee to see the best of me outperform rest of me
Life may be investable in testing me
Find my kind detestable, suggesting we be blinded by the pressing need to use our time reflectively
Like threshing wheat we’re cut down in our prime
Robbed of our identities to such degree as much of what we see is not deemed worthy of belief
We perch beneath our nested trees
Most gracious in decline
Pretending we’ve requested leave, consigned to bread line unrelentingly
No sense in feeling chipper less we smoke blunts like a kipper
Anything to trip our wires suggestively
Altered states translate to shorter stays in vaulted spaces
Horses neigh disdainfully at neighbors every garbage day remarks are made about their long arsed faces
Some of us just can’t escape the stasis
Others shirk a challenge just to take shit back to basics
Head space can be spacious once we lace the nodes with chaos strobes
Rave like it’s the end of days and maybe jack our brains up
High on life
We lowlives are just blazing for the change-up
Love is not a swear word when declared to stir emotion long since chained up in the cellar with its fellow slave devotion
Dwelling on the negative means heading for the dark room
Doom and gloom reside within, sin nestles in beside them
Woe betide the corpse bride on the bridal path from aftermath to halfway house with no teeth in her mouth
Spitting feathers
Sweating bullets
Getting het up
Baring arms
Getting booked for looking less than charmed
Chances are the future’s bleak
Odds are stacked against us
Less we find some comfort in consensus
Have never really cared for lies
Have never really cared for flies
Have never really dared to turn the hands back on this antique clock of mine
Feel less inclined to tell the time when I can try transcending it
Weathering last tether, never ending it
Sending my condolences to hopelessness and opening my arteries for half the fee to find the woods in hearts of trees
Some might call it breach of peace
But they don’t know our souls
They don’t know the magic that we hold
They don’t know we own the key to essence which essentially prevents the bleed from leading loss through doldrums, dross and entropy
They may see twelve monkeys
But we discern a dozen primate queens
Friends indeed ostensibly for evermore, endeavoring to sever ties with eyes only for tending to the endless sea
Diamonds are forever
Just like friends should be
Every tear is beautiful when all we see are tides serene
Seek the key
You’ll find it on the top shelf, in the pantry
Turn it in the rusted lock and just you see what happens
Wake the Phoenix, wax the candle
I’ll be damned for any scandals
Vandal hearts may come and pass
But rebel hearts wield Spartan swords and sandals
Could prove quite the handful
Should you back us in a corner
Climate change is in play and the earth is only ever getting warmer
Time to slay some demons then
Head off on adventure grand
Punch the moose at Wallyworld and do so hand in hand
Hope this all makes sense to you
I’m feeling ever hopeful
The total sum of all my parts is eminently noble
Will never cease believing we can truly make a difference in this world
Should we listen well and toss our final nickel in the wishing well
Kiss like Eskimos neck-deep in snow reposed and live to tell
Have adventures
Make them grand
Do so boldly, hand in hand
Better dress all best laid plans
Go all-in at the river
Take a stand, deliver
Give a fuck or maybe three
Skim some pebbles, scale some trees
Always pick scabs on our knees
Eyes wide open have delightful tendency to see
All there is to see and more besides
Seek the key, unlock that deep inside
Find the stolen smile for every swollen tear you’ve cried
Jack the brain up, get insanely high
Open wings to span
Now kiss the sky

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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