Skyline Crack’d




The night just passed, a personal hero in my plain view surrendered the kindness in his eyes. The following verse charts my journey through the shadows this cast, to the light and air beyond that. Historically, I “blackout” when my heart hurts. By bleeding in the moment, I have managed to swiftly transcend such phase. My undying hope is that this piece of me can aid just one soul in times of despair to do the same.


Love to all and to all, do love


Richard Charles Stevens



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The skyline crack’d
Clouds began to bleed
Skies no longer quite so high
The day that kindness died
Indeed, the earth beneath my feet
My arid eyes plain sight dids’t cease
Stopped breathing
Dropp’d down to my knees


Pedestal had toppl’d from its lofty perch of furnish
Angels fallen frown’d at me in earnest
Worshipp’d with devout
Upheld when I was bleeding out
Expell’d by those of mercy claim’d
Head hung in sacrificial shame
Abounding love had been forsaken
Barely speckl’d the terrain
Yet, all the while
I reconcil’d with faith through hardship unmistaken
Reawaken’d expectation
Lessen’d of such devastation
Life had claim’d such cruel persuasion
Laid incautious blame
Still my favour to the skies proclaim’d


The teardrops fell’d
Remain’d unspoken
Cracks in every silence broken
Seeping into grounds of parchment
Freshen’d harvest reap bespoken
Crops of canker sank to nourish
Thus, commenc’d of fervent flourish
Renascence encourag’d
By the courage bled to soil
The skyline crack’d wide open
Shedding luminescent light
Of tend to spoil
Bred of born anew reliance
On primeval acts of kindness
Indeed, I bid recline beneath
The day that kindness died
Dids’t rise from knees
Commenc’d to breathe
And, in a sense





Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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