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Tears For Fears “Head Over Heels (Instrumental)”

He warmed his hands on the glow of the flame,
No longer so cold—within hold of its refrain.
Here he could stake the most grandiose claim
On the embers of a late September day.
For all his treasured memories
Remembrance was vague;
Distempered the affray
Of thoughts astray.
The boughs of birches in confer
Were bent all out of shape;
Yet, still he chose to venture through the maze.
The hazy grays of winter were unclear in their surmount,
And this had cast grave shade upon his doubt.
Narrow was the passageway
Unchanging of devout;
Imagination favouring no bounds.
These appeared the grounds of dreams revered as peerless scenes.
Such appeared to be their fearless theme.
Underneath the drooping eaves,
The swooping whispers duly ceased;
Eluding to the briskness of the leaves.
Their blinkered view,
No caution threw to winds of steeping ease;
And heretofore, divorced from fitful breeze.
Meanwhile, in the thicket,
Thick-skinned crickets chirped their version of events
To lend diversion to the hurts of slurs bequeathed.
Here he warmed his hands upon the glow of changeless flame;
Here his pale white flesh appeared less bleached by deep disdain.
Even though the treeswing creaked,
Not a fretful notion sneaked;
Owed to his devotion sweet
Approaching fair to share a seat.
His open veins had cared to weep
Each tear declared to their bare feet.
Bereft due care, they dared to leap
To chance advance in flame.
Here they would stake the most grandiose claim
On the embers of a late September day.
For this is when they fell in love again.
Perched upon the treeswing
Where their hopes and dreams could play.

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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