About Face: Rise, Revolt, Reclaim, Reconstruct!




Inspired by Madonna’s “Secret Revolution”



The following verse was written on November 10, 2018, and has remained unreleased until now.



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Talkin’ bout a revolution
Time to ring those changes
Doesn’t matter whether known or nameless
Culpable as sin or blameless
Got a voice?
Then prove it
Use it
Make that bulletproof and shameless
Lock in target, steady aim
Cock the trigger, change the game


It’s a mad world, go figure
Idle hands and pointed fingers
Intellectual theft at record figures
Matters ever pressing as the deficit is getting bigger


In an ideal world, we’d figure out a sound solution
Find a safe passage through the smog and the pollution
Active contributions at a minimum, on downward spiral
Emphasis on trending the next big thing set to make it viral
Putting up our firewalls as we cannot be too careful nowadays
Seven billion players plus, so many unaware of how to play


Lined up before the firing squad for breaking the formation
Sum of parts divisible through linear equation
With population on the rise, someone’s got to pay the price
Someone’s got to feel the pinch
Someone’s got to give that inch
It’s a mad world, go figure


Talkin’ bout a revolution
Time to bring the noise and find our voice
Doesn’t matter whether known or faceless
Heavy set or weightless
Give a damn?
Then damn well prove it
Hit the wall and punch straight through it
Lock in target, steady aim
Cock the trigger, then go figure


Road ahead unclear
Such a long way back from here
Off the beaten track we may be, but maybe, just maybe, we can salvage something
Road ahead unclear
No reason left to damn well fear
Nothing left to lose we cannot gain back and with interest handsome
Should we flat refuse to pay the ransom
Road ahead unclear
Wish you were here


Got a voice?
I’ve got one too
Nothing muted, much ado
Bleeding lips and cutting tooth
No lollipop to suck up to
The candies are all tainted see
Feel free to read all about it
But don’t go believing all you read
Order side of fries with the plate of lies they feed us intravenously


Search far and wide for the souls with the most active seeders
The artists, the bleeders, those of us tasked with making definitive difference
Creating fine art out of that which impedes us
Putting out the feeders for a new model army
Starry eyed and not one thing shy of indisputably barmy
It’s a mad world, after all
Go figure


Talkin’ bout a revolution
Time to embrace the great pretender
Doesn’t matter what your gender
Only what you choose to tender
Had quite enough?
Then call their bluff
Enough is enough and enough is too much
Lock in target, steady aim
Cock the trigger, then go bigger


March defiant, all guns blazing
Time has come to ring the changes
Find your centre stage and own it
Find the rule that states, decode it
Stand up to the regulation
Learn which way they have you facing
Turn your back on their decree
Be the best that you can be
Go one better, ever striving
Life was never meant to be survived
Rebel hearts know not to be deprived
Let the universe advise
Get to know your spirit guides
Find your voice within the rubble
Double up and start a chorus
Then everything that came before us will lead us to this spot
This moment
This turning point
Need no holy water to anoint


Got a voice?
Then prove it
Use it
Don’t abuse your one true right
Out of mind we may be but maybe, just maybe, we can take this out of sight
Be the best that we can be
Let the jury pass decree
Forgive their indiscretion
Wish upon a star they learn their lesson
Go for broke and then one better
Compose the universe a letter
And release oblique vendetta


Talkin’ bout a revolution
May not be the ideal world, but we can still make it better
Choose your every battle wisely
Never once lose sight of prizes
Lock in target, steady aim
Release your finger from the trigger
Now go figure
Think again and make that bigger






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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