In Loving Devilry

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Alison Moyet “That Ole Devil Called Love”

It’s that ole devil called love again
Leading us down the road to perdition
Audience to an infernal rendition
Not a thought spared for requesting permission
Feared by the many for pained exhibition

Seldom ends well as the knell tolls of closure
Cuts us wide open to grant hearts exposure
Chokes all known arteries
Gropes at disharmony
Leaves us punch drunk before fucking us sober

Over before we maintain our composure
Under the skin nestles into enclosure
Bleeding the hearts of all those cast aside
Thieving all light sources
Leading us blind
Waits until too late to back out
Preys on our faith as we blackout

It’s that ole devil called love again
Charming and suave
Quite the eloquent speaker
Chiselled in frame and the self same in features

Deeper and deeper we fall beneath spell
Heavenly creatures undressed of our hells
Kisses our lips with the breath we expel
Whispers permission for all to end well

It’s that sly old sun of a gun again
No sooner departs than to come again
Reminds us the race need be run again
To aim at locating the one again

The devil’s in the detail
Miss a trick and swiftly derail
Play apt pupil
Act with scruples
Beat the odds when they quadruple
Blush with colour when our cheeks pale
And embrace the great inferno
For there is nothing to lament
Whence we return home
Should indeed it be the drug
Then we should never get enough
So below, as above
With that ole devil called love

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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