The Flourishing

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Vlada Mars “Cascading Thoughts”

unconditional love is the only love i know
provisional for some and often known to come and go
not the type for to and fro
as i cavort above, below
sometimes i tell
prefer to show
and go for broke to make it so

ownership is not the way
for those not so possessive
freedom feels a whole host more precocious, hence progressive
trusting is imperative
not bludgeoning with jealousy
for such results in tenancy oppressive
suddenly we’re seeking out a needle in a haystack
passively aggressive as deceitful tone proposes only payback
tit for tat appears the stat
while actually a pitfall trap
once pulled taut thoughts resort to that
we’re then attached to script format that reads cruel words we can’t retract
defense portends to tense attack
and that is that essentially
unless we source a less combative remedy

much depends upon the ends to which we go
the ebbs and flows of something freeform
tipped for growth
the bearings of a simple troth
the single truth we need to know
that we need never feel alone
for someone has our hand and does not plan to let it go
we are only human and obliged to let that show
minds our own worst tumours
when the rumour mill bids blow

open to assume
we slow the motion heel and toe
and this is where our lesions tend to show
this is where allegiances commence unspoken fracture
casting stones
we veto faith and slow roast frozen rapture
captured in our paradoxes
shouting profits
counting losses
prophets on the mount
discounting something steeped of stature

ownership is not the way
for those who know the way to play is not to play the games we play to have our say regardless
love need not be nearly as provisional
revisional to vision distant lights will always guide us
yesterdays need not dictate tomorrows
owed to sorrows begged and borrowed from the hollows of sheer darkness
with unobjectified affection
shadows cast then lend reflection
there will still be nervous tension
there will still be predilection
there will be times when we feel all at sea
there will be tears
yet precautionary
for each time we weep
is a reason to breathe
each time we are seen
we proceed to believe
that love is another thing coming not going
when grown from the very same seed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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