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Title art by Charles Joseph Natoire. Closing art by Ines Honfi. Click image to visit her studio.



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Garden of Eden “Serpent In The Garden”






It was midnight in the garden of Eden
The sun bled away while the moon hung uneven
Trees stood as stewards of good and of evil
With two naked figures beneath them
He and She had principally been favoured sweet creation
To fame a greater ancestory
In height of ripened season
Theirs was shared decree to lead a nation through persuasion that humankind inclined towards but one unique relation


Consistent motivation led resistance to stagnation
For neither wore the raiments claimed of treason
Dressed solely in mesh of flesh caressed of blessèd innocence
Unimpressed upon to greeting treachery with vigilance
This would be the genesis of every kiss declared
Unaware were He and She their lips were very soon to be ensnared
Unprepared for fates the likes of which would not be spared
Once bared to the injustice of their lord


Adored upon condition
That they request permission
Before breaking tradition and mistaking submission for entitlement
All would not be forgiven
Should they fail to listen to implicit rules forsaking favour fools’ enlightenment
Taking one bite from the apple forbidden
Would see the pair declared lost cause
With shame and guilt be ridden
Should they desire the taste then He and She would be advised to keep it hidden
Deeper impulse given to defy their own creator
Such was placed with callous in their nature
The garden of Eden was as scenic as a moonlit dream
Yet, both were left naïve as to the underlying danger


Bereft of spine
The serpentine messenger slithered through verdant greens withered in burden of bulletin it had been sent to deliver
Cunning, conniving
With ominous timing
It hissed to announce its arrival
She was alone to decipher its tone
As it made known a passage insightful
“Ye shall not surely die” it assured
Referring to the apple it encouraged She consume
Presumed to speak the truth, for She was ill-equipped of tools to pause and ponder what appeared to be a ruse
Persuasion through her thoughts perused
While serpent’s fastened glare declared that there was so much more to gain than lose
Hanging from the tree desired to make one worldly wise
It coiled around her well formed thighs
And gently squeezed, to her delight



When He returned with fresh supplies; To take her side
He felt obliged to ask why She seemed tasked with masking fright
For one of such pure Virgin bright
Her pale white flesh dressed less than light
While eyes provided windows to the soul of her sole plight
She could not bring herself to lie
To one for whom she’d surely die
For such was never her birthright
This left no place within to hide
She reenacted prior scene
With both exactitude and preen
To set the scene of same serene
Encourage same scene to be seen
He gazed the wilds behind her eyes
And gently smiled, to her delight


“We shall not surely die” He reminded
“And besides, should I fall down by your side this day, then I would die with pride this day”
“Indeed, if I may be so bold to have and hold the fruit you crave, then we could both delight the taste with same sense of defiant brave”
The serpent had quite clearly placed the shade of doubt in both their minds
Howbeit, any indecision owed as to the origin of blight
Their own lord creator had explained in detail great
That they would perish upon cherishing the fruit forbidden grace
Should it be digested, He and She would face invasive shame
Contested as to faith
And left of hell on earth’s remain


Terrain would change to pain of every future generation
While He and She would duly be subjected to humiliation
Yet, in the moment
Side by side
They gazed into unchanging eyes
Denied advice and gently sighed
Then smiled in twined delight
Kissed forsaken fruit
In rapture nude
Then took a bite…






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Shadow Spark Publishing™



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