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I know my mind
Know only too well how it works
I know of my frailties, ailments, quirks
For each of them comprises perk
I know there are those who propose I am blind
That my prose is boastful, most unkind
I know each road that twists behind me
No need to seek such—to find


My bones are infused with the flowers of brave
An ocean deep blue, through empowering waves
In each hue and shade—
I am He who once became
The technicolor dreams of every childlike face reclaimed
Had I been wired the same way as my peers
Then I would not be nearly so cheerfully queer
Had I been more cavalier
Then a sneer would my smile have unkindly replaced
Had I not so known my mind
Then I’d have gotten most tongue tied
Would have forgotten every detail, that of derail disinclined
Akin to a sea snail
Beneath weighted shell
Of berated bequeath of bleak mother of pearl
Would have sunk without trace
To the trunk of disgrace
And never again tend to showing my face
Instead, I embraced every memory fading
Replaced blackest night with the daylight I’d saved
Hidden in cells, deep within withered shell
Found forgiveness for all those who made known their hopes that my unbeknownst life not end well
Composed myself a wish list
As the broken light diminished
In my dark place, a whole country mile away from finished
A crow left of the murder scene, one single graven image
Beneath the raven’s changeless gaze, I learned to brave the limits
Each shooting star I wished upon
Had one time wronged my heart
Every pain parading bulging veins didst then depart
In doing so, my mind rewired
A memory of captive part
Activated redesign of fractured marrow snapped apart
Learned the art of surgery
No sorrowed bones to purge from me
Preferably I then deferred the spoken words of lasting harm
Chose to love my enemy
Those long lost distant friends to me
Proposing I have a reason to lie
When the truth is my eyes are ostensibly blind
To the fate of a hateful decree
That would neither incline to the making or breaking of me
While they stared on vacantly
I wished them well, in kind


I know my mind
Just as well as my soul
The truth is, they’re strangely connected
Some of us can spend entire lifetimes disaffected
Others bless their scars, and thus, grand castles are erected
Upon foundations sound
Uneven grounds are uncontested
Kingdom hearts ferociously protected
I know the best way out is through
I know the vested faith of truth
I know my mind
When leaping blind
No need to seek such—to find sweetest bloom
It is midnight in the garden of my dreams
All verdant greens and vibrant blues
Ever keen reminders that a unique mind’s a frightful thing to lose






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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1 Comment

  1. Boastful??? How misunderstood can you possibly be. Due to circumstances of late, this gives me positivity.

    I love this:

    “Kingdom hearts ferociously protected”

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