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Goo Goo Dolls “Iris (Instrumental)”

I love you
Every heartbeat of you
Is a heartbeat to me
Every colour and shade
Bestows courage and brave
Every part of me aches
To reliably say
I love you
In every kind of way

I love the way we used to play
When we were children
I love the castles in the sand
I love the way that we held hands
And made a hundred thousand plans
For every time we built them
I love the way that they still stand
I love the way you understand
That dreams are never far away
With safe place to reveal them

I love you
Every particle is party to a masterpiece declared through every single treasured air you care to breathe
I love the tree that you recline beneath
The one of sacred root
The leaves beneath your dainty feet
The daisies in full bloom
I love the way you spread your wings
And every single precious thing
You do for me by simply being you
I love you
For you epitomize true blue

I love the eyes right out of you
If truth be known
I love the way they always lead directly to your soul
I love the smile that hangs akin to diamond necklace
From your features
I love the way you shift and change into so many creatures
Adore the way you thirst for learning
Feel the flame inside me burn
In pride of place
With timeless faith returning
I love all those you cherish
As for me they are extensions
Of something that could only be explained as sheer perfection
I love the mirror now
For every time I stand to face it
I embrace the very keenest of reflections

I love you
With every butterfly
You place inside my tummy
I love each unique arrangement
And you know
It’s kinda funny
The taste upon my lips as I awaken runs like honey
Through the veins of every leaf beneath your gentle, sweet persuasion
We mortals tend to fall in love
For me, would rather rise above
Proclaim a gift so pure and true
That all I see is all of you
And all you see is all of me
For all we truly need is love
To lounge beneath the tree
And breathe the air declared of never-ending love

I love you here
I love you there
No fear
I love you
You heighten each sense
And thus, five become ten
You encapsulate zen
You appreciate pain
Open arms you extend
To protect those you love from ever one time feeling drained
It is your energy and zest
That dress the skies our blessèd dreams caress
My darling
I love you
And not a heartbeat less

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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