Life Made Me A Lion




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David Bowie “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)





A simple man
With a complex mind
With a smile that is true
With a heart that is kind
I mean less than no harm
Simply not that way inclined
I guess, in a respect
That makes me lion


Have been misunderstood
So very many times
Have done all that I could
Yet, been accused of senseless crimes
If only some had seen the blessèd truth in my eyes
Then perhaps I wouldn’t tend to be so shy
You see, I don’t possess the tools to lie
At least, since I came home
At least, since I felt settled here and made the place my own
At least, since eyes aligned to face
And my kind soul found pride of place
I guess, in a respect
That makes me lion


Should a cat be graced nine lives
Then I’m on eight
In great decline
There’s no more critical a time
To chime the rings of change, in kind
To breathe the air with brave
Remaining ever graceful
My faith is blind
Elected to rely on
I guess, in a respect
That makes me lion.


This once endangered species
Feels protected when it’s seen
I know my mind
I know my heart
I know the artful soul dressed in-between
I know there was a reason I continued to believe
Even when my world began to fracture
Knew there were still seasons to enrapture
Knew of my retrievable stature
And alliance
I guess, in a respect
That makes me lion


My heart has been broken
With no one to blame
For I do not wish those I love to feel pain
In doing so
I found the soul
To grace the greatest stage
And here, on one fine day
I trust that we shall dance again
For I faithfully believe
Pure love really can be undying
I guess, in a respect
That makes me lion.


I shall rise
From the flame
With the same in my eyes
I shall leap
With blind faith
Which I guess, in a way
Makes me lion
I shall breathe anew
In steepened bloom
I shall love hard
I shall love true
I shall succeed
In breathing in defiance
For one fine day
I have blind faith
The world will see
A Lion.






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. Beautiful humility from start to finish and one of my favourite songs there!! I read that and felt nothing but immense thankfulness because I know this Lion and have clothed his cautious feet in Jaws merchandise 😉

    1. Every day I go to my sock draw, I search for the fin. Would rather walk barefoot through brambles than not wear my Jaws socks. I am the one to be eternally thankful Mouse, for our beautiful friendship, for the fact that you comment on everything I post even though I’m lousy at replying. That speaks volumes. You don’t just speak kindly to get a response. You do so because you genuinely care and genuinely believe in me as an artist. Meeting you, and soon after, Bernie, has changed my life so much. In truth, you are one of the creators of the Lion. Why? Because I’m only a magical Lion if believed in. While others have fallen by the wayside like club-footed geese and judged me horrendously, you’ve stuck like snot to my side. I used to love Snot in a Pot so, as you could imagine, that makes you a most precious commodity. Thank you Sharon Lawson, and your dear Bernie Lion, for being an unchanging light in my life. Something I can believe in too.

      1. Club-footed geese hahahahahahahaha!!!!! See, even in response to opening up your heart like an unzipped Puffa jacket you reach out with comedy. You’re very treasured to me. To us. We will never judge as it’s morally wrong and you do nothing but bring cheer. When I’m lost I wear my Underground map socks which we bought one another on that roam around Westminster. Murdered zombies like past memories. This little Mouse saw you from the outset and will continue to do so until, God forbid, a cat rips me apart 😀

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