The Gentle Thief




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George Winston “Graceful Ghost”





There goes
Another piece of my heart
Stolen away
By the gentle thief
Hardly misleading by name
Howbeit, I traipse not in grief
On this day
Dress not in the sheath of dismay
For ours far exceeds
Brief encounter
And She
Queen in council
Holds key
To a heart now at infinite peace


I thirst for
Her taste
Shalt defer
No embrace
On this day
In the birthplace
Of virginal faith
Far and away
From enslavement’s decree
Free from darkened terrain
Every hearkening vein
A remaster
Emblazoned with She


Fingertips trail
Every sign of frailing age
My drapery
Her painterly embrace
Each undulatory dream
A prefatory scene
Congratulatory of She
And sagaciously keen
To make favour of blatancy
Wavering fee


As my heart gently weeps
Gentle thief creeps in kind
Stealing pieces of heart
Drawn apart from disarm
Thus enabling me
To live dangerously
Making sweet of its beat
Bid retreat to fatigue
Politique obsolete
For She leads jubilee
My heart bleeds
To proceed
Midst jubilation


Her version of events
Seminal consensus
Of ephemeral and senseless mind
Entwined in She
Her eyes delight
Abide with me
While secrets of the sun and moon
Be strewn before me far and wide
For only She
The gentle thief
Confides of truth in absolute
Through lips of clench
I quench upon
Red wine vermouth
To drench in such veracity
To comprehend of her unending majesty


There she blows
There goes
Another piece of my heart
Stolen away
As I weep her through art
To appease her blind need
To devour every piece
Growl me out through the skin on the bones of her teeth
Perhaps indeed
Her breath
It bleeds
To seep within the cracks of each silence we keep
As we invite the heightening breeze
To be hydrant of breach
Gush a fountain of I
Unaccountably eased
To see
The gentle thief
In every corner
Sworn to She
Fallen angels mourn of She
Howbeit, forewarned scorn be our ascendency


She is for I
As I for She
The one divine dependency
Each dream
We weave
Bereft of cease
Each piece of heart
I bid release
To drift amidst the mist She breathes
For but one kiss
Would shift with fanatical speed
For omnipotent sabbatical
In rapture fantastical
These manacles collateral
For infinite capital
The gentle thief
Compatible with every screaming symmetry
Through cracks of silence
Dressed in blessèd She
In love so deep
It steeps the tide
Arising sea
In wake of my darling
My Annabel Lee






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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