At Height of The Mast




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I see you
From the treetop
Our sweet spot to spy the sea view
Higher than ever we dreamed
Less that be in the kind of nest feathered for two
I see you
At the leisure of bloom
Shall endeavour to venture anew


Through the heart of the vale
Midst the chartering gale
Our ship sails
To embark on course true
Forthwith—pure shoreline unto
Over tall pines—where wall height outgrew
In the night garden foresight presumed
To the dawn light of bounteous coup


All four seasons renew
In the skyline we climb
In decline of unreasonable due
To delight in more peaceable blue
The horizon of sizeable
Non polarizable
Bicycle lanes famed for two
I see you
Through the flames
We command as our reins
In regard
Undeniably true


I see you
In the palace we furnish
To further undo
The reality fading from view
A fantastical place
Of emphatic abate
To dramatical fates
Once clung to


In the North Tower
Destined resume
Of fable ingrained
In the veins of the leaves
Free of scathe
This enclave of unchanging belief
No safer haven for making believe
An oasis of hastening weave
Where we braid daisy chains
From the heath


Shame is dispatched
Blame is catch and release
In the rapture of flavoursome feast
This arrangement waivered of cease
Interchangable faith
Unassailable brief
To prevail uncontainable seas
As we rise in peak tide
Of succeed
I see you
At the height of the mast
You’re the fairest air
Ever I breathed






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. My goodness, this made my eyes well up for scores of reasons and mentions of bicycle lanes, mighty pines and being sat upon the boughs of my favourite tree… with a chicken or two in my bomber jacket of course!

    All four seasons renew
    In the skyline we climb
    In decline of unreasonable due
    To delight in more peaceable blue

    1. Why, of course. Let’s make ’em roosters. I’m thrilled that this resonated with you and you cherry picked my own personal favourite passage.

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