Ode To Spring




 Featured art by Lexie Machado. Click title image to visit her studio.



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Jimmy LaValle “Spring”





Where I once lost you
I found you anew
Where we first kissed
I can still breathe the mist
My pale lips blush in glistening rushes of you


Knee high in daises in bloom
Seen by the eyes of appraisal
Upraising to glacial peaks
For the most replete view


Sated of faith
In the name of the rose
Ever so fearless and brave
Bled of the finest wild grape
No more primed a frame to climb
Assign the weight required to chime
And dignify dried grain revived
Within undying frame


Where I once lost you
We used to fly kites
To the heights of our mind’s eyes attuned
Rode a bicycle streamlined for two
You’re the reason my eyes remained blue
You’re the breeze that my smile pertains to


How life tried to change you
From the Curly Sue once groomed
Knew you would return to me
That we’d resume with urgency
To further see the most unique a view


Where I once lost you
I found you anew
Where we held hands
To withstand the hailstorm
Forewarned of no major ado
For I always felt safest with you


Where I once lost you
I found you anew
Knee high in daisies in spiralling bloom
Something amazing
Inspiring and true
Glad that I came here
And made daisy chains here
For each smile inflamed here
Reminds me of you






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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  1. One of the most enchanting love pieces I’ve read. I feel cherry blossoms cascading gently around me as I read. I felt like Yuna in Final Fantasy X 💕 I like this line:

    How life tried to change you

    I promise from herein that I’ll focus on the light, but a little darkness sprinkled in between though!

    1. The best way, Mouse. Light is the dearest thing to behold, whereas shadow makes all manner of cool shapes for an artist. I always search for the balance, middle ground. That way we see both. I guess that’s why I consider myself a journeyman. Always travelling through the shadows to grasp the light at the other end. It’s like the world’s zaniest ghost train.

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