Only Love




Featured art by Hans Zatzka



Should you ask me to sum love up in a single verse, the way I see and feel it, then Only Love would be my unchanging announce. Always.


Love to All—to All, do Love





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Blackmill “My Love”





Love is to let love and live
Something that grows from within
Powders our nose as the show must go on
A chorus line in finest song


As long as a piece of string
Only when bound
In shackles choked back
As we leap from the ground
Love is the one thing profound enough
Suffering pain to abstain from endangering throng
Far too long buffering
Fatally framed
Wings bravely shuttering
Made its escape
Doubling back to less prosaic age
Coupling veins
Weaving braid
Pure as the gleam on a velvet sheathed blade


Love is to dare to amaze
Free from ensnare of the maze
Seen through the eyes of a child when we smile
Can light up one’s face in the shade
Dandelion rays
And candle light kisses
No end of days
One wild and brave ellipsis


Parted lips
Form partnerships
With bygone echoes passing
Blushed, the artists brush
Can let love live in flush cathartic
Gushing through the arteries
To see the heart beat free of bind
Lead the kind of chorus line
Adored by all who breathe in time


Love is the only thing left
When undressed
Only when we protect its caress
Keep it safe in the bracelet
At nape of our necks
There is nowt as intimate as intellect
Stripped bare
Declaring love
In luminescent flare
Simply by wearing
One moment of truth
When exposed to the chill in the most obtuse air
Simply by caring
To water the roots
In the dawn of fresh bloom


Love is to let love
To live love
To breathe love
To bleed, seed and feed love
The dare to be seen love
That tells of a dream love
To share
Let it be
The fairytale
Most fair






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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