Inspired by and based upon the transformative Killing Eve



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beautiful assassin
in my eyes
you are the prize
the kind the angels idolize
could never hope to quantify
divine has been personified
by you
beautiful assassin
bleed me through


you are seasoned in your trade
have your own exclusive way
of taking names
and an all appraising gaze
when taking aim
a childlike twinkle
in your eyes
that shines delight through all of my remaining days
a simple smile
that testifies
of fierce desire
for playing games


breaking waves
decorate the wake
of landscape painted in your favourite shade
the one you choose
to handshake fate
then lace its shoes


too great a fancy
to amuse
for fine and dandy
is the view
to kill
we will on
just to muse
upon the dissoluted air of you
beautiful assassin
i would never dare refuse
your steel into my heart
to bleed me through


i know you well
have studied form ferociously
no doubt you were precocious as a teen
causing a commotion
and a scene
of magnum opus
so obscene
we wouldn’t hope or dream
of intervening
seamless motion tween
the streets you prowl
of noble theme
to sow the seed
in swollen stream
then leave
atop the ocean breeze
unless that be
to grant a kiss
killing eve
your favourite shade of hit


my ruby red dress gown is your procession
and this
is my confession
that i’m never less than
leisured in your stride
you are the prize
the kind that decorates the skies
with childlike twinkle
fashioned single smile to prize
the most beautiful assassin
in my eyes
divine has been personified
by you
it is indeed
my honour
bleed me through






Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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