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The Chordettes “Pink Shoelaces”

to all the friends i ever made
please take this as my serenade
relate this to the thing we shared
and know with no mistake
i cared

will always do
as that’s my way
to me love dares to stay and play
however many miles away
shall love through to my dying day
subject not to change
dependant not on range or circumstance
matters not the time to pass
i make each vow until i breathe my last
carry every keepsake in my heart of hearts
as proof
that love is something felt
with only truth

life moves fast
when ships sail past
and fade into our rearview
out of sight and mind denies us any kind of clear view
when i say i love you
it should never fail to ring true
has been some time since i last had no clue what i was getting into
to me
is the one thing unique
as it need not be bound by condition
no blood to bind or lovers blinded into war’s attrition
nothing riding on one key decision or permission to be to watertight and flawless of provision

to all the friends i ever made
be safe
be well
be charmed
i say this from the deepest heart
no need to raise alarm
we may still speak
or maybe not
but i still keep a shaded spot
within this ever favoured plot
of mine
matters not the time to pass
i make each friend
to no false ends
until i breathe my last again
this is why i’m sat atop
the very height of mast
see the light
and feel its calm
a keepsake for your heart of hearts

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. I love you my friend. A true soul through and through, your heart full of oceanic swell and eyes like two brightest stars. Everybody who is your friend are blessed until agonal breaths 🌟

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