Villanelle—to Kiss and Tell

Inspired by and based upon the transformative Killing Eve. Villanelle was written from the perspective of Eve, to Kiss and Tell is its spiritual companion piece.

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Featuring an excerpt from Pshycotic Beats & Pati Amor’s “Killer Shangri-Lah ” as prelude.

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Unloved “Sigh (Instrumental)”

pour yourself a drink
please take a seat
cin cin
make yourself home
in my humble abode
recline if you wish
but i really must insist
that you resist the urge
to curb enthusiasm
sweet virginal assassin
for i get high
entitling your passion
my rationale gains traction
at the very height of fashion
and in your eyes
i clamour no distraction

sorry baby x
enough about little old me
all i ever wished for
was the fairytale foretold me
to have and to hold
something old
something new
true, i had to beg to borrow blue
but i did it for you
you see, i think about you too
and sometimes when you love someone
there’s no ceiling to the crazy things you’ll do
to feel the way
the waveforms shape
to paint each shade anew

to call me psychopath would just be rude
but baby
i’ll play psychopath for you
besides, i like the glide path we attune
my heart
it rides the aftermath of bloom
at half mast
lest i feel your glance
upon my darkest parts
i wake sometimes at half past two
reveal my battle scars to you
and squeal as your tongue runs each through
get wet
and better yet
i’d place a bet that you do too

first, i just want to have dinner with you
find a dark recess to shimmer into
dress in your shadow
and gaze at the light
that excites every narrow
crawlspace of my mind
lead me blind
into the eye of the aquarius
the sights there by design are
tear me apart
like a shred piece of art
part your lips
and breathe me in
so i can whistle in your heart
ignore the thistles at the stem
for I do promise to be gentle
as I venture deep within
to feel you drench down on my skin
and drink it in

i do love pink
i also love to sin
it tickles me
to think where to begin
and i can see
you’ve finished up your drink
would it be deemed rude of me
to give a cunning wink
sorry baby x
killing with you eve
is so much fun
be a sweet
and let us come undone…

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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