Tomorrow’s Best




 It is my belief that the format of the mainstream media needs to change. The manner in which news is reported globally needs to change. The following verse is not defiant of the message to be safe and I feel it my responsibility as an artist to clarify this at commencement. However, it does challenge the way this information is relayed in a world where trauma darkens the doorways of so many.



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All You Need Is Love
Love Is All You Need

—Lennon and McCartney—




i am setting a reminder
for tomorrow whence it calls
no more peeking through the blinds
at what’s behind me
call it intervention
call it clinical regression
as for me, i shall confess
that it is nothing whatsoever less than timely


the world is on high alert
as far as i’ve heard
the media circus is in fullest swing
please apply caution
and brace for the wind
just like these creeps to go out on a limb
to spread toxins that lock-in our whims
tucking us in beneath stifling quilts
while they climb atop stilts
singing hymns of our sorrow
postponing tomorrow
proposing no cure
for the sickness they whisper through oak of the door
blistered skin through fanning flame
and nothing more than ashes in their in-trays
cashing in on dread while violin plays


there is panic in the disco and the glitterball is rigged
there is murder on the dancefloor and this litter fall commits
the most pitiful of crimes as it disguises hidden script
that reminds us of the lives we need to live
god forbid we read between the lines and find the truth
that mankind still survives when we provide abiding proof
community is well and good
and in defiant mood
the only thing immune
to the virus is the seed that blooms inside us
sees us stand united
undivided by the blight
sees us reunited with more dignifying sight
sees the shining stars that sparkle diamonds in the skies
keen to quantify combining light


love is the drug with the kindest success rate
disinclined fixating on the spiral of the death rate
simple acts of kindness need not diet to express freight
we possess the tools for calling checkmate
while the whole world pauses
catch a breath
begin from scratch
matters less than zero if our dna don’t match
whether spotted leopards or less enigmatic cats
together we are better
than the vestures on our backs
together we endeavour through the never
make it back


love is the designer drug
designed to up resistance
should we open eyes and ears to see through tears and listen
to the heartbeats and the arteries we christen
a masterpiece need never seek permission to confine
simply need to bleed to recommission the mainline
make love something mightier than any sword we sheathe
make it never timelier than when we sense its need
breathe the air of calm declaring no alarm
of healing balm bequeathed
and let us one and all distinctly breathe


i am setting a reminder
for tomorrow whence it comes
to enrapture in the day
and find the nearest golden harp to start to strum
giving up seems so hum-drum
all humdrum slumps and dum-dums
when they say do the math
outstay the aftermath
and shun the sums
no more peeking through the blinds
at what’s before us
as for me, i must confess
i feel no less than sure the universe adores us
take a pause
and catch a breath
shall see you at tomorrow’s best




Richard Charles Stevens


Keeper of The Crimson Quill




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