Requested Leave of Senses

Featured art by Robin Isely

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Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit (Instrumental)”

I’m your friend to no end
Hence the tenderness tendered
Only possess single hell-bent agenda
To venture forth blithely
With skin sat beside me
And roar out the lion inside me
Leading to all kinds of fresh adventures

Should I overstep the line at all, please do feel free to guide me
Only need remind one time and I’ll outline precisely
Not the kind to smile politely when you’re out of line
Not when disinclined to where it might lead
Don’t possess the time to play charades that mortals lead
Far too many masquerades endorsed by thoughtless deed
Not that I agree with heedless caution to proceed
Not with so much beauty in the bleed
Call me beast and slacken up the leash
Pull the reins and action most illustrious of scenes
Never more industrious than when I’m duly seen
Not atop the vertebrae or shoulder blades but some place in-between

All of me is calling to the fallen to proceed
All of me is falling with the earth beneath my feet
All of me is rising in the tide of timeless breeze
All of me delights within the flight of autumn leaves
Could this be an invite to the all of me perceived 
Maybe the horse I repeatedly flog isn’t dead
Maybe the scene I’m attempting to set leads to some place way better instead
Some place where thoughts in our heads ain’t drip-fed
Some place where angels dare tread

Maybe it’s all in my head
And if so, then I wish it be known I’m your open and closed kind of book
Please do take a look
For there’s something uncanny behind every nook and its bordering cranny
According to the swarm of locusts
Borderline psychosis isn’t nearly as atrocious as the focus groups have shown us
Provided it does not parade unnoticed
Besides, I bid recline inside a flower known as lotus

I’m your friend to no end
Only tenderness tendered
Come a long way since once grating pretender
As I venture forth blithely
With skin sat beside me
And roar out the heart of a lion that beats deep inside me
Would fill me with pride if you’d stand by my side
Prepare for our next fresh adventure

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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